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LOOK! I put on a translator! And here are some pictures you might like too!

We have so many friends from far away places I thought this might be helpful. I think some of you actually were asking about this, but it is possible

I did not understand you!

Monday, January 17, 2011

LEARNING to BEG and a Review

It has been a very long time since I last posted. Things have gotten much busier in my professional life. I'm going to try to maintain more regular postings and keep up quality here and I will do the best I can. As well as trying to keep up with my usual type of posts , I am also going to introduce some new features. Sometimes the features will incorporate a lot of information and sometimes I will use them to be able to give very specific shorter information. For instance, I plan to start reviewing movies, sites, and bodies of work. I don't really get involved much with professionals but if I should run into anybody who has experience or anyone wants to e-mail me I can incorporate that information as well. There are not a lot of professional submissives out there and I haven't felt the need to inquire of their services. Although I'm always exploring new things I haven't really felt the need to pursue a professional or personal dominatrix. I have thought about hiring national punish some of my slaves in front of me but have yet to do so, and while I am currently exploring some possible new relationships I'm in no position to be doing that with anyone in particular right now.
When I do write reviews and such I am going to post them on both blogs as I think the same things will be interesting to both sets of readers. HOWEVER, I will often accompany these reviews with the kinds of posts you've come to expect from these blogs, and when I do that I am still going to have DIFFERENT content after the reviews in the two different blogs! Please take note of this so that you don't miss content you may be interested in just because you don't feel like rereading the reviews. I will try to make the differentiation very clear.
I am not writing these on behalf of any agency, at anyone's request, or for any expected compensation. I am doing it because clearly I have a readership as intrusive the same things that I am and I thought I would clue you all on the various resources I have found that I particularly enjoy.
So let's try something a little different….
This posts review: :

Tantrum and the HOT Northeast dominant Ms. Kelly Payne .
When you visit tantrum trainers or tantrumtrainers you meet the lovely, voluptuous and very stern and demanding Ms.Kelly Payne. I do some work in Staten Island and I have to admit that many of the extremely attractive women who live their sound just like Ms. Kelly Payne (or at least they have that same accent, I haven't actually heard them give commands or threaten punishment!) For me it's like I get to watch one of those lovely ladies severely punishing some of the other lovely ladies that I run into on the Staten Island ferry. It adds a little extra fun watching the videos, especially since Ms. Kelly Payne is another woman who really knows how to punish! She’s also making great films. These are full length movies. The acting is acceptable from the submissives and always fine from Ms. Kelly and her dominant cohorts . One film I really enjoyed is Baltimore Brat 2 and it should not be missed! (I have included some stills to whet your appetite, as well as wet anything else). There is a large body of work here and the action is consistently severe! Kelly is very attractive and enticing and I love her stern retro lingerie look, although here also I think she would be even more exciting if she were to punish these submissive women in just a thong and maybe a studded black leather bra. Someday I hope to be with some willing female submissives when I am also around the voluptuous Ms. Kelly Payne!! Some of her videos I would make sure to catch besides the Baltimore Brat series are: First Time Spankers part 3, PA Punk, The Disciplinarian and so many, many others! The pics I am using for this post are taken from Baltimore Brat 2, one of my personal favorites. I wanted to include some pics from a couple of other movies but those are in a video format that I could not make stills. Anyway, I am quite sure you will enjoy this site! Here is a link:

Okay, so I've covered one of the best producer/actor's with some of the best films. The pics in this posting are all taken from Kelly Payne videos available at Tantrum trainers. If you like the stills or the comments I made, I suggest you visit the site at the link I provided above and join or get some videos and you will not be disappointed. Obviously there's a ton of stuff out there I haven't covered---yet. I will be covering a lot more in the near future. However, at this point, I'd like to finish the post by relating some of my experiences having to do with begging. This part of the post was inspired by an online relatively novice submissive by the name of Mel. I had the good fortune of running into her online than e-mailing with her for a while. Then I was not available much just like I haven't been for the blog and now I have not seen her available online in quite some time. She was a good fan of my blogs and was always encouraging me to do my best to try to post. Since she was so interested I asked her what she wanted me to post on next and though it's been months, this was one of the topics she gave me.


Learning to beg, from what I hear from slaves, doesn't always come naturally. However, I believe part of that is really inhibition rather than inability. The reason I say this is because during conversations as opposed to actual scenes, or even when a slave writes something for me, I find they do a very good job of begging. Perhaps during a scene a slave can't always think fast enough, but I think it does actually come naturally and I think they just have trouble letting go. Part of this belief comes from actual experience what I have found that the slave might be very good at begging for one thing but not for another, and I believe this is because each one has their own preferences and things that they're able to speak about comfortably. When slave S was in the mood she could very convincingly beg for me to hurt her nipples, and sometimes for a whipping. Slave M was too inhibited to beg for anything and then became equally good at begging for almost everything after very extensive and severe training. Clearly it was inhibitions, because with severe punishment M could then convincingly beg for anything. With little prodding she could beg to be fucked, but not to be fucked up the ass, but with mild punishment she could beg to be fucked up the ass, but not for me to punish her anally, and with severe punishment, say having pounds of weights hung from her nipples for 15 min. or having her ass paddled until it was bruised--- then she could beg, “please master hurt my asshole, shove something big up my ass and make me scream and beg for mercy!” She was very convincing once her punishment allowed her to be uninhibited. She just needed the excuse of the punishment to let herself go. Though some things were very difficult for her to beg for, such as using her fingers to play with her asshole, which I go into more detail in the blog Training of Submissives. Kayla was another one that was not skilled at begging at all. I have mentioned that she liked the ideas of D/s and considered herself a better sub than she actually was. When we were not in a scene but just talking about sex, she would tell me all her desires to submit. When we were apart but on the phone, she loved phone sex, but more than submission or humiliation, what she wanted to hear was simply how I was going to force her to have sex with other women; a secret fantasy of hers that she finally actualized with me. She was fine enough at begging for things she clearly wanted, me to fuck her, to have her ass fucked or to suck her master’s cock, and especially to perform for another woman. But she was very unconvincing when it was time to beg me to hurt her nipples, beat her ass, or do something humiliating, such as clean my cum off a toilet seat, or off a tile floor. Begging didn’t make her wet, begging for what she wanted helped a little, but begging itself was not a turn on for her. Which leads to the questions, does begging turn on every slave?, does begging turn on every dominant?, is begging a requirement of slavery? I think we answered the first question, whether begging turns on every slave…Kayla was surely not affected by it, at first M was turned off by the embarrassment until we could break through her inhibitions, though she had always received a certain amount of sexual enjoyment and fulfillment just by satisfying me. S was clearly turned on by begging, but had some areas that if forced to beg, made her less comfortable and therefore less turned on. K was turned on by anything submissive, so begging worked for her in any way I chose to take it. Now, as to whether or not every dominant get turned on by begging, I can really only speak for myself, though there are many scenes in many videos with begging so I imagine other dominants feel as I do, which is to say I enjoy it very much and find it very necessary in the scene, though certainly not necessary for every scenario.
Sometimes, I will have a slave practice begging, especially when I know the subject matter will turn them on. For instance, I used to have Kayla kneel on the floor and practice begging the various things she would say when she had a dominant woman in front of her. For M, she would have to do drills of constantly figuring out different ways to beg for anal abuse or severe punishment knowing that if she did not do a good job the very thing she was begging for would be done to her, whereas if she did a good job she did a milder punishment and then get fucked story she wanted to. For S, it varied, from having to beg things of an imagined dominatrix standing above her, or from another female slave kneeling beside her, or begging me for the most severe punishment; the kind she could barely take and often feared. I often require a slave to beg for things that they may hardly be able to handle, so that they know it is up to me whether I go along with their request or choose not to inflict those dire circumstances. Such as when I had weights hanging off of slave M’s nipple clamps, and I reached the maximum weight she seemed able to handle, and then I commanded her to beg me to add more weight. She did not know if I would say: “of course slave since you asked so nicely.”, Or if I would say, “very good slave, but I think your nipples have endured enough torture for one afternoon.” Or when S clearly reached her limit for having her ass beaten, say with the cane and quirt, then I pull out one of the paddles that might hurt worst of all, and say something like, “it doesn't really seem to me that you've been punished enough, I'm thinking you might need to be paddled with this vicious wooden paddle, what do you think slave?” And then I would see if she would have the courage to say something like, “of course master I have not been punished enough, please paddle my ass with that paddle as hard as you would like.” Or if she would just keep silent. Then I would watch to see, if she did beg, if she steeled herself for the oncoming punishment or just looked absolutely miserable at the thought. Then I would decide whether I would give her a few strokes of the paddle or say, “very good slave, but you know what, I think I'll change my mind and you've had enough punishment.” I

would be very interested in hearing from all of you how begging fits into your D/s relationship.