Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Time for Serving....

A funny thing happened on the way to writing this post. It actually started out telling the tale of the second time M and R were together and therefore seemed most suited for Entering Submission. However, by the time I was mostly done writing that very long post I realized that it was more suitable for Training of submissives. So, instead of that post, which I am posting in Training of Submissives, this post is about S, M and R. It is about the third time R was with M, and while not the first time S was with M, it is the first time S completely submitted to M. What I have related in the past is actually the way it mostly was the few times S and M were together; which was with S dominating M. Neither one wanted to be with the other because I'd had intimate relationships with both of them. As you know M also had no desire in particular to be with another woman. While S did have a few fantasies they certainly didn't include M. Since S also has the ability to play the dominant convincingly, and since M prefers that the domination and punishment focus on her (because she believes that is the role I most admire and desire), it has always worked out best that way. However, there was a week when S was particularly annoying; being late and disappointing me, and I decided it would be a particularly embarrassing punishment to have her serve M. Because I knew M would not be satisfied with the purely dominant role and I had no plans to allow S the satisfaction or enjoyment of reclaiming the dominant spot, I decided that after the first day of them together we would bring R over and allow them both to serve her. So while this is not the first time S was with another woman, this is the time when she entered into submission to other women. We had discussed it previously, and she had decided to try it. She had a friend that she thought would be interested. The friend was always asking about our sex life. It was decided that she would spend an evening with the friend and they would try things on their own. If it worked out they were supposed to then be together with me. After their evening together S came back and reported things went very well. We scheduled an afternoon for all of us together, and then the friend did not show up. When S called her she said she got scared. We were never all able to connect but she was always trying to be alone again with S. Unlike M, it is possible S was interested, but this was not what she was looking for at the time and she declined the offers. Her friend said she was just too embarrassed to do these things in front of somebody. But she really enjoyed these things! We let the matter drop for quite some time until S was really pissing me off and I had been in contact with M. It was decided that S would submit to M. M did not sound overly excited or pleased about this but I told her I would try to salvage the weekend and she knew that I understood that for her that meant her being the submissive, but I had also made it clear that S would be submitting all weekend. So I'm sure she wondered what I was thinking. She didn't know that R and I had been in contact and that the next day, after S served M the way I wanted, R would come and help me dominate them both.
Part 1
S and M
As we drove to M's house I could see S was nervous. I knew it wasn't because she was going to be submitting to another woman for the first time, because she'd already tried being with another woman with her friend and it went well, and she was very good at submitting to me. I knew she wasn't thrilled sharing my attention with M, but I was quite sure she'd rather be there with M then have me there alone with M! No, the reason she was nervous is because it was daytime, early afternoon, and she was wearing a thick black leather slave collar with a large O-ring to attach a leash, wrist and ankle cuffs, and she was wearing a long overcoat that was inappropriate for the nice moderate afternoon, because underneath she was completely naked. She didn't know the layout of M's development, but I informed her that the walk from the parking space to M's front door was about 100 feet in a reasonably busy area. The distance might be accurate, I’m not so good at judging those things, but in truth M’S house was nicely at the end corner of the development, and was much more quiet than I had implied. Nevertheless, there was definitely a chance people would walk right by S and note that she was dressed and acting a little strangely. When we were just about at M’s I told S what I was thinking, that I was going to allow M to be very hard on her this weekend because I was very annoyed that not only were we so close to S’s first experience completely with another woman (instead of just being serviced by her while she dominated the other girl), but the only reason this would not be the first was because she had that little rendezvous with her friend who then didn't come through for us! The only reason I said I didn't mind her first experience happening without me is because it would facilitate her then being with that other woman with me. Since it did not work out all that happened is I missed her first experience for nothing—and it was really bugging me! S said she understood, and was as disappointed as me that things did not work out with the other woman and that she would do her best to make the weekend everything I wanted. When we arrived, as it so happened, there was no one about. S kept her coat tightly closed and wrapped around her. We got to M's door and before I knocked I slipped my hand into her coat and touched her pussy. She was wet. Being excited was going to help her enjoy the afternoon, regardless of how hard M was on her. I knocked on the door. Usually when I arrived at M I would give a special knock that would allow her to know it was me. At that point she was supposed to unlock the door and then quickly get over to the couch and get into position. Position of course meaning naked and leaning over the arm of the closer couch, her legs spread a bit and her reaching back and spreading her cheeks. She knew I would wait about 30 seconds after knocking before I would enter and she was expected to be found naked and in position unless I gave specific directives otherwise. This time was one of those where I gave her different directives. I gave a regular knock and she immediately answered the door fully clothed. I ushered S in front of me, and M stepped back to accommodate us. As soon as S was completely in the doorway and the door was closed she pushed off her coat and dropped to her knees completely naked. She reached into her coat pocket and retrieved a leash. She connected it to the O-ring on her collar and then crawled forward until she reached the couch then she stood up and bent over the arm of the couch, reached back and spread her cheeks, and waited.
M and I walked over. “So this is your slave, M. You can see she keeps her pussy nice and wet for her mistress.” M knew what I expected as we had already discussed this afternoon ahead of time. She reached out and touched S’s pussy. She stuck two fingers inside it and kept them there. “And her asshole is tight but accommodating.” I said, then she pulled the two fingers from her wet pussy and stuck them in S' asshole. I nodded to her and she removed her fingers and brought them around to S's mouth and commanded “Clean my fingers whore!” S glanced at them quickly before dutifully licking and sucking them clean. Although S had gotten much better at licking things that had been inside her or another woman she still had trouble doing it without verifying for herself that it was acceptable. That hesitation would have earned punishment from me but since M did not call her on it I decided to ignore it. Over time M, and other slaves that M was with, had been called out and punished for such hesitation and I was quite sure, while maybe not happy in this role that M would be glad to punish S especially if she gave her a good reason to do so.
“Stand up and face your mistress slave!” I commanded. S stood tall facing M, she put her hands behind her back and looked down at the floor.
“S has ;lovely nipples at the end of those firm, large breasts. They are not only excellent to punish but it is very entertaining to watch her play with her nipples and suck on them when you make her perform by playing with her pussy and asshole as well.” I said.
“I see that.” M said as she reached out and grabbed one of S’s nipples and squeezed and twisted very hard. “Do you like your mistresses harsh and demanding, bitch?” M said as she released her nipple.
“I like my mistresses however they choose to be, Mistress. I am your slave, bitch, and whore. I will do as you command and take whatever you want me to.”
“I think you should take your slave for a walk around and show her all the places that she can be punished and can serve.” I said.
“Present to me your leash, and get on your hands and knees slave.” S offered the end of the leash and after she took it S got down on her hands and knees and waited. M stepped forward and tugged on the leash and S crawled behind following her mistress wherever she took her. M walked around showing as all the pieces of furniture she could be tied over to be punished and explained the different ways she would punish her. She also showed her where M or her master could sit or lay while S serviced them. While listing all the ways S could serve us, M tried to throw in as many ways as she could to remind S that whatever went on was out of S’s control and would to the best of M's ability be things that would annoy S. For instance, she said things like: “after master fucks my pussy or my asshole you can clean his cock with your mouth, or perhaps while Master is fucking me you can kneel behind him and stick your tongue up his asshole, or, after we beat your ass until you beg for mercy, perhaps we will tie you in a position where you'll be able to see Master fuck me. If you are a good slave whore perhaps I will let you lick his cum out of my pussy.” The kind of things she would think would bother S, and they might, but S was much better than M at getting into the scene and into the mood, and I suspect S was going along with it in character and with less acting then M was able to. Interestingly it was usually difficult and embarrassing for M to say those words and speak that way, but she didn't seem to have any problem saying those things when she thought it would bother S!
M led S back to the couch and unhooked the leash and told her to get back into position. M walked over to me and asked me what I wanted her to do next. I told her in detail. She didn't look particularly happy about it but all she said was “Yes Master.” Then she walked over to the couch and sat down and called S over. “Stand in front of me slave.” M demanded. When S was standing before her naked, M said “Dance for me whore. Shake your tits and your ass for your Mistress!” S started to dance awkwardly, but soon got into it and was swaying her hips quite nicely! “Turn around and spread your cheeks and show me my slave whore’s pussy and asshole.” M demanded. S obliged. “Play with yourself bitch!” M commanded. S started to rub her pussy from underneath and when her fingers were wet she brought one to her asshole and started to rub it, soon she was using that finger to fuck her asshole. M looked a little dismayed. As I have mentioned many times she has trouble doing things like this and she seemed annoyed that it was so easy for S. M glanced at me and I nodded my head. She looked even more dismayed at what she was to do next. “Slave, turn around and face me.” M demanded as she stood up. S turned. “Undress me.” M commanded. S approached M and unbuttoned her shirt and slipped it off, then unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them down to her ankles, M leaned on S and stepped out of the jeans. Now M was standing there in panties and bra. Her bra opened it front and S opened it and slid it off her shoulders. Then she got down on her knees and lowered M’s panties and M stepped out of them. S’s face was in front of the neatly coiffed triangle of M’s pussy. “What do you think of your Mistress, slave?” I asked.
“Her body is beautiful Master, very hot.” S responded.
“What would you like to do to that pussy, whore?” I wish to serve it Master, to lick it, kiss it, and taste it. I want to eat it for hours and make my Mistress cum all over my face time and time again.”
“I see. Turn around M.” Now M’s butt was in S’s face. “What would you like to do with that nice firm, round ass?” I asked.
“I would like to kiss it, rub it, massage it and make it feel good, Master.” S said.
“Spread your cheeks M.” I demanded. “And what would you like to do to that?” I asked as S stared at M’s tight asshole. I wish to serve her asshole Master. I want to kiss it, lick it, clean it with my tongue, fuck it with my tongue, make it feel so good my Mistress’s pussy gets soaking wet!” S responded. M turned around and looked at me again, and my nod indicated that she needed to proceed and that I was not changing my mind! M sat on the couch. “Crawl to me and clean my feet, and make them feel good bitch!” M commanded. S crawled over and began to kiss M’s feet. Soon she was licking them, and she was very thorough, getting between all her toes, she massaged the foot while cleaning the toes, then finished by licking every inch of the soles of M’s feet. S decided she was done and looked up at M. M asked, “Did I tell you that you were done, slave?”
“No Mistress, I am sorry.” S said realizing she had walked into that one. She bent low to kiss M’s feet but she stopped her by saying, “Over my lap you lazy whore.” S got over M’s naked lap and M started to spank her as hard as she could. “I’ll teach you to keep serving your Mistress until she tells you to stop!” M barked. “Yes Mistress, I’m sorry.” S said, clearly not in much distress. Then M pushed her off her lap and S got on her knees on the floor. M spoke, “Our Master tells me you are inexperienced and need a lot of training. You will be serving your Mistress and I will teach you how to please me. To teach you, and also just to entertain our Master, I will do things to you also, but you will always remember your place and always do what I command and always do things correctly or the punishments will be quick and severe. Do you understand me slave?”
“Yes Mistress. I hear you and I will be your obedient slut.”
“Excellent. Now straddle my lap like you are giving me a lap dance.” S climbed on M’s lap, a knee on either side of M’s legs. S’s wet pussy was open wide right above M’s lap. M looked over at me, then reached out and grabbed both of S’s nipples and squeezed them. “You like when your Mistress hurts you slave?”
“Yes Mistress, I like whatever you do to me.” M released her nipples and said, “Kiss me slave.” S leaned forward and kissed M. Their mouths were both open but there was little passion. “Like you mean it whores!” I yelled and swung a new mini lunge whip I had bought to try this weekend. The lash fell across S and M’s shoulders. The sting seemed to remind them whose benefit they were really sitting on that couch naked for. Suddenly they were eagerly kissing like lovers. They were exploring each others’ mouth with their tongues, lightly biting or licking the others’ lips or cheeks, it was very exciting! M glanced over to me then said to S, “Now show my tits how good you can make them feel. Make my nipples tingle ‘til I feel it in my pussy because if you don’t do a good job the next punishment won’t be a little spanking. That was entertainment for our Master’s benefit. I can assure you, being a slave well trained by our Master that I know every way a slave whore can be punished and I know how much each punishment hurts!”
“I will do my best to please you Mistress. If I fail I should be punished.” S said. S bent her head down and started to tongue M’s right nipple while she brought up a hand and massaged her small and firm left breast. She worked hard with her mouth and her hands to make M’s tits feel terrific. M looked over to me and then said to S, “That was good. I will now demonstrate how I would please you if Master had ordered me to serve you.” M cupped one of S’s full tits and brought it up to her mouth and gently kissed her nipple before taking it into her mouth. She circled the aureole with her tongue and then planted kisses all over the breast while she gently squeezed it while reaching over with one of her hands and rubbing and squeezing the other nipple. “Do you like that slave?” M asked.
“Yes Mistress, thank you.” M moaned.
“Is it exciting you slut?”
“Yes Mistress.”
“Show me.” M demanded. S looked at her, contemplated a few seconds, then reached one hand between her legs, dipped her fingers into her pussy, then brought them up to show her Mistress.”
“Slave, when I tell you to clean your fingers, my fingers or our Master’s fingers, here is how I want you to do it. I know you have been trained by our Master, but it seems to me today it is my job to train you as best I can. Watch.” M started to lick and kiss S’s wet fingertips, then she brought her tongue up and down each finger, darting it in between her fingers, before finally engulfing the fingers with her entire mouth. She sucked on them and then released them. “Now slave,” M commanded, “See if your Mistress is wet.” S looked at M and paused a moment before reaching her hand down between M’s legs and inserting her fingers in M’s pussy. She pulled them out, damp and glistening. She showed them to M.
“Now slave,” M said, “clean your fingers.” This was to be S’s first taste of M’s pussy. S slowly brought her fingers to her mouth and slowly licked them just as M had demonstrated.
“Slave, what do you think of the taste of your Mistress’s pussy?” I asked.
“It’s delicious Master.” S said.
“M, now you give S another taste of your pussy.” I ordered and M reached down between her legs and touched her pussy, dipped two fingers inside and then raised her wet fingers to S’s mouth. As S cleaned her Mistress’s fingers the way she had been taught I asked her, “Does your Mistresses’ pussy taste even better from her own fingers, slave?”
“Yes Master. It tastes wonderful. Thank you Mistress for letting me taste your pussy.” As S said it M looked over to me, and then said to S, “You’re welcome slave. I think it is time for more than a taste. Now get on your hands and knees on the floor.” S climbed off her Mistress and kneeled on the floor. M connected the leash to S’s collar and began to lead her into the bedroom. I followed them in. M climbed on the bed and laid on her back while S kneeled on the floor next to the bed. M called S and told her to join her on the bed. S climbed onto the bed and knelt next to M. M grabbed S’s leash and pulled her down to kiss her. They started to kiss then M pulled her down on top of her and S laid atop M, their breasts pressed against each other, as they kissed passionately. It was a beautiful sight! M grabbed S’s face and guided it to M’s tits. S started to lick and kiss one breast then the other. She started to really work on M’s nipples. Then M pushed S off and rolled onto her stomach. “Massage me slave, and give your Mistress a tongue bath. Do it the way your Master likes to see as he will judge whether you deserve to be punished or rewarded for this.” M said.
S climbed on M’s lower back and started to massage her shoulders. After spending several minutes making her Mistress feel good, S leaned forward and started slowly licking every inch of her Mistress’ back. She leaned over and thoroughly cleaned M’s underarms with her tongue. Cleaning my underarms and giving me a tongue bath were ways that S and M both liked to submit, so I was confident S would know how to give a tongue bath to M that I would enjoy, I just was not sure if she would actually do it. But there she was, licking the armpits of a girl who until now had been the one to serve her, and only on the very rare occasion that they were together. When she finished her underarms she started to work her way down her back. I was anxious to see her get past her back but was afraid she would linger there trying to get up the nerve to move her mouth to more intimate areas, which is what I was awaiting for! Fortunately, I was mistaken. S was ready to do what was expected. She began to kiss her way down past M’s lower back then she kissed her way around M’s full, round cheeks. Soon she began to drag her tongue around M’s butt. It was a beautiful and very hot sight! S started to massage and knead M’s buttocks while still planting a few kisses on them, then finally she spread M’s cheeks, holding them spread wide and then she began to dip her face between M’s cheeks planting kisses directly on her asshole! It was very sexy watching this. Then S stuck her tongue out and started to work her tongue in and out of M’s asshole. M loves to have her ass licked and whether she wanted another woman to do it or not, it still seemed to be making an impression. Her pussy was open, swollen and soaked. I could not wait for the rest of the tongue bath! “M roll over onto your back. S serve your Mistress, eat her pussy and make her cum. I want to see her cum twice in the next 10 minutes.” M rolled over and I saw S staring at her pussy. She seemed nervous and unsure. I realized it was easy for S to give a tongue bath to M; not much going on with her tits or back, and M is very clean so her armpits and asshole were pretty tame too. Now though S had a soaking wet pussy right below her, and it was the pussy of someone she considered competition. S had only been with that other woman once, and though she said it went well enough that they had planned to do more together with me, I never got any details. Maybe they did not do everything. Maybe her friend did not get as wet as M who could get very wet, actually just like S, and nothing made M wetter than having things done to her asshole, like S was just doing with her tongue. “You heard our Master! Eat my pussy now bitch!” To which I added, “Yes, your hesitation has already assured you serious punishment. Don’t make it any worse for yourself.” S positioned herself between M’s legs and began to kiss all around her pussy just as she had done to M’s ass a few minutes ago. She seemed more at ease and whatever was inhibiting her seemed to have passed. She never told me what she was thinking at that moment, but I did try to discuss it after the weekend and she claimed to not have been hesitant, but to have been distracted by a stray thought. Perhaps something about M’s wet pussy reminded her of that other woman, or perhaps now, as she was about to have sex with a woman she was not particularly interested in, perhaps she was rethinking her choice not to have more sex with that other woman when it was offered? Whatever was on her mind, it was clearly passed as S started to kiss and lick M’s thighs, all around her pussy. S was very good at teasing and driving you crazy with her mouth. The two best mouths, tongues and throats I have ever known were M’s and S’s, without question. This was a large part of my motivation to get these two together like this, on a more equal footing than when S dominated M, to see those wonderful mouths serving each other. Though I was using M to dominate S, the difference was M was ready to do anything I wanted whereas in the past S was unsure what sexual contact she was willing to have with another woman. So even though M was the dominant one today, she knew I expected her to do many sexual things to S, under the guise of training her, demonstrating to her or rewarding her. So I was anxious to move this weekend along! I wanted to see everything I wanted to see, but I also wanted to get to the part where I was feeling both those amazing mouths all over my body!
As S was kissing around M's pussy she kept getting closer and closer to the most sensitive parts. Finally, before touching her lips or penetrating her with her tongue, she gently kissed M’s clit. I don't know if M was stolen the place where she didn't want to enjoy what S was doing to her, but if she was she was doing a bad job, because the moaning she did starting when M's lips brushed against her clit just kept getting louder and more insistent as she began to use her tongue and lips to pleasure M’s pussy. Seeing as lying between M’s legs, her face buried between her and her mouth against M’s pussy was just so hot that I climbed on the bed, pulled up on S's hips and once she got on her knees I entered her pussy in one smooth hard stroke. I fucked her from behind while she ate her Mistress M’s pussy. Each time I rammed my cock inside her pushed her face harder into the pussy. It was beautiful to watch and I grabbed S’s hair from behind. I pulled hard on it and lifted her face away from M’s pussy. “How does the whore look?” I asked M from behind S. “Her face is all wet like a whore who's been enjoying her mistresses favor.” “Excellent.” I said as I pushed her face back into M's pussy.” I held onto her head and moved it around to make sure her entire face got wet. Then I let her go to continue eating her Mistresses’ pussy. I was enjoying all of this so much I didn't feel like pointing out that 10 min. had gone by. Besides I decided to give S a bit extra time for the interruptions. It was clear S didn't know M's pussy or her reactions like I did. There were a couple of times when M was on the beginning track to an orgasm had as known and know how to run with that. If at that point she had really worked firmly and very quickly on her clit she could've propelled M to orgasm. Since she couldn't tell because she didn't have that kind of experience with M, it would've behooved her to try to figure out how to move M along based on what she knew about M. M enjoyed anal stimulation, to the point in fact that even painful anal insertions, if it was by something she wanted like my cock, made her soaking wet. Therefore she might've wanted to try pumping a couple of fingers in and out of M's asshole while she was eating her pussy. Other things that got the desired response from M were nipple clamps and tugging hard on her pubic hair while having her pussy eaten. These probably played into her submissive nature and the way she handled sexual pain. However, as she was in the dominatrix role here, it is unlikely she would've put up with nipple or any pain offered by her slave. Therefore S's best bet would've been anal stimulation while eating her pussy. But, since S did not know how to read M's reactions nor did she think what might help stimulate M, despite the excellent technique and the sexy show she was putting on for me, it was unlikely she is going to get out of this with two orgasms for her mistress and no additional punishment for her.
It was clear S’s mouth was beginning to tire. Even though M didn't seem on the precipice to orgasm, it’s funny how you never really get tired of somebody performing oral sex on you. I could see M was prepared to let S continue, but I could see S was going to need a rest. I would make sure not to use her mouth while we punished her.
I grabbed her hair again and pulled S away from M’s pussy. “First let me say you did a beautiful job. You two looked very hot which is why I had to fuck you. It's been way longer than 10 min. and we were really getting anywhere so you're going to be punished both for hesitating when you should've been diving right into your mistress’s pussy as well as failing to make her cum twice in the time I allowed. As much as I would like to eat both your pussies, I think you will learn best if your mistress trains you. After you are punished your mistress will demonstrate to you the proper way to eat her pussy. It may not make you cum, but that is not required, only that you learn how to make her cum. Afterwards you will demonstrate again on her and we'll see if you can do better. So M, how shall we punish your slave?” As soon as I asked this I could see S appeared a bit more nervous. While S could handle pretty harsh punishment she could not handle the level of pain routinely endured by M, K, or slave C (that some of you met in the other related post I put in Training of Submissives). S was close, perhaps the level right beneath and for short periods of time could handle perhaps as much of some types of pain as M. S could never handle the severe nipple pain that M has endured. S could handle as severe an ass whipping as M but not for so prolonged a period as I've beaten M's ass. I also don't think S could've handled some of the severe paddling’s I've given to M with that infamous sorority paddle that she brought to our relationship when we first started D/s. However, unbeknownst to S I did give M instructions as to the limits she could punish S. She was aware that she could not pierce her nipples, or hang more than 2 pounds of weights from each nipple, and she could not abuse S’s asshole with anything larger than she is expected to take up her own asshole. I made a list of which implements she could beat S's ass with, how long she could do it and how hard. I gave her a very limited list of whips to use on S's back. M seemed a bit annoyed when we went over this but I explained to her that she should be proud of what she can and does take for me, and know how happy and satisfied I am when we are together. I also explained to her there were many differences between submissive girls and she should be grateful for limits even though S’s seem so much more than hers. “After all M, when S dominates you, you should understand that I give her limits. She actually can take and stand much bigger things up her asshole then I would ever try on you. It didn't take her long punishing you to realize just how much she can torture you with severe anal insertions. I don't know if she would do that to you but I do know I've made it clear that she cannot, and the restrictions imposed on her were that she couldn't even use things that she could handle but rather could only use the size of things that I chose. I only limit what you can stick up her ass because I don't believe that either one of your limits should ever be tested by anyone but your Master. That is why, regardless of how severe you found other women have punished you on my behalf, I have never let allowed them to punish you as hard as I would, or you might have seen they could deliver much worse.”
“I would've taken harsher punishment for you. I know they punish me because you want them to. So you need not give them any limits unless they are limits that you would otherwise choose to impose, Master.”
“I know that slave. That's why your friend R says what an amazing slave you are, because you are indeed incredible.”
So the question was posed to M and she needed to choose. So I asked again, “How are we going to punish your bitch, M. Have you decided?”
“Yes Master, her ass should be whipped with the dressage whip and a cane. Then she should be fucked up the ass by the biggest strap-on I can find.” M answered.
Perhaps M remembered that S is not a big fan of firm straight whips like the dressage or especially a cane. She might've thought it would be particularly painful to get fucked up the ass after a harsh whipping. When speaking with M I have definitely alluded to the fact that not all slaves have the same tolerances or sensitivities, and I had made it clear that S could tolerate an ass fucking easier than M could. I never let M know that for some slaves, and many women, it was neither a punishment or particularly painful to get fucked up the ass, but I guess because of the way anal sex made her feel, her personal bias made her believe that the big strap on I was letting her use was big enough to punish S because she knew such a big cock would be a terrible punishment for herself. While I knew that technically it was potentially true that this big dildo could be a punishment to S, at least for the first few moments after the whipping, I was also pretty sure that by the end of the fucking S was liable to be enjoying herself and excited, so I suggested that S should also wear a pair of Japanese Clover clamps with one pound weights hanging from the clamps while she gets fucked up the ass, to at least ensure this was a real punishment. The clamps will hurt a bit but when the weights swing as she gets fucked she will certainly feel punished!
S’s face was still a little wet from M’s pussy. I thought about having M lick it off, which I would've enjoyed watching, but since I was using M to dominate S, but I was also making her perform sexually with S, I decided not to make her lick S’s face clean. I had M lead S on her hands and knees back out into the living room on her leash. M then tied S down over the arm of the couch as she was instructed. “M, conveniently you chose two instruments to whip this bitch's ass, and we happen to have two people who will enjoy doing it!” I swung them both through the air as I said this. “Which implement would you like and I will use the other!”
“That’s a tough choice Sir. I think I would prefer the cane because it's more painful, but then again you can wield it much more harshly than I can, so perhaps it would be a more effective punishment if I left the cane for you. But then again, I am her mistress and she disappointed me. And just because you could swing it harder doesn't mean you're in the mood to do so. I am in the mood to punish her severely. I think it should be settled--- I will take the cane and you can have the dressage whip.”
I found this most acceptable and a very logical choice, though I found some of her reasoning faulty. M knew it was rare when I had a cane in my hand that I chose to go easy on any slave, and besides the limits we discussed she had no reason to think I would go particularly easy on S now. But I particularly like the dressage whip. There’s something about its long, thin, black, swishy design that makes it appear even more ominous and cruel than it is. But it does cause a significant amount of pain and it leaves delightfully thin red stripes across a lovely pale ass.
“Who should beat our slave’s ass first?”
“You Master. You can make her ass nice and sore, and then my punishment will be even more effective and severe.”
“Sounds about right. It will be my pleasure to get her ass nice and sore for you!” I responded.
I positioned myself behind S and rubbed that lovely, firm, round ass. Then I stepped back and raised the thin black whip. I brought it down than up and down three more times very quickly. On the last stroke S cried out. Then I spoke, “S, you not only hesitated but you ended up disappointing your mistress. What sort of punishment do you think you deserve now?”
S answered, “It should be severe Master. You should hurt me. Make me beg to please my mistress. Make me beg to do a better job.”

“And so we shall slave.”
I raised and lowered the whip, bringing it across her fine ass 10 times quickly in a row before I paused. Through several strokes she moaned, groaned and cried out, but did not beg for mercy. When the strokes stopped S said, “I'm sorry I did not please you mistress. Please let me serve your pussy and make you cum. Let me taste you, and tongue you and make you feel good.” Then I raised the whip and brought it down 10 more times across her ass. She was crying out after every stroke now. Then I said, “Now it's your mistress’ turn. Beg her for what you deserve.” I commanded.
“Please beat my ass mistress, hurt my nipples and take my asshole. Make me suffer to be a better slave to you. When you're satisfied with my punishment mistress, please let me eat your pussy until I make you cum all over you bitch’s face!” S yelled out.
“I will do all that slave. I will break you of your bad habits and teach you how to serve your mistress!” M told her. Then M walked in front of her. While I beat S, M put on the strap on. It was huge, the biggest that I had yet used on M, and only when she earned the most severe punishment. I knew as S looked at it that she knew she could handle it when she was all excited, soaking wet and opened in every way, but I could see the trepidation on her face because she had to know after a severe whipping that it would take her a little while to get her head and her asshole ready for such an assault. She no doubt knew M was not going to give her that time, and that she would have to find a way to get herself back in the mood and very excited while she was having herself anally penetrated by that monster cock. It was easily as wide as M’s fist, and as long as her forearm. M was not the largest framed girl, so while formidable this cock was really not dangerous or excruciating, certainly not for S though for M it was extremely painful. M then grabbed the back of S’s head and pulled her mouth over her big fat cock. M was going to see that S gave that big strap on a nice blow job before she beat her ass and then abused it. If M thought she would make S gag on it, or somehow suffer from it, she obviously did not know that S was every bit the incredible cock sucker as M was. Soon enough M must've realized that because she pulled out of S's mouth, and got behind her with the cane. She unceremoniously brought it up and down three times, seemingly as hard as she could and as fast as she could. S cried out at the second stroke and through the third stroke, so rapidly they fell. “If I am not beating you then shouldn’t you be begging bitch?” M demanded.
“Mistress please punish your bitch, make me a better slave, and please let me serve your pussy and asshole, let me clean them, lick them, kiss them, worship and please every inch of my mistress’ body. I will take any amount of pain to taste your pussy again mistress. Please abuse my ass and asshole if only you will let me serve your pussy until I make you cum all over this bitch’s face.” As soon as S paused, M brought the cane down fiercely across S’s ass five times in quick succession. M moaned through gritted teeth, and as soon as M paused, S said, “Thank you mistress for punishing your slave.” M dropped the cane and picked up the nipple clamps and weights. She untied S’s outstretched arms so S could stand straight and give M access to her nipples. M snapped the Clover clamps on S’s nipples and she grimaced as each one bit into one of her tender nipples. Then M hung a pound weight from each clamp, and the pain this caused was evident across as S’s face. “Bend over bitch!” M said as she pushed S forward back over the arm of the couch. “Reach back and spread your cheeks, offer your asshole to your mistress’s big fat cock while you beg me to abuse your asshole.” S reached back and spread her cheeks, and also spread her legs a little, and said, “Please mistress, take your slave bitch’s asshole and abuse it with your giant cock. Ram it in me hard and deep and fuck me so roughly you shake my nipple clamps and make me scream.”
“You asked me so nicely slave it will be my pleasure to punish you.” M said as she roughly plans the big fat cock into S’s pussy. I’m sure M would've loved to just have stuck it up S’s ass before she got excited from getting fucked, but M knew that a slave's pussy was my preferred form of lubrication. Partially this was to make sure before a slave got fucked up the ass she was excited enough because she got fucked in the pussy first. There were a few times, and I believe it's been mentioned at least once in one of the blogs, where I felt the slave was so deserving of harsh punishment that I did not let them get excited first and I used another slave’s pussy to lubricate the dildo. If I was only with one slave I would've used a lubricant if that were the case, but if I had more than one another's pussy would suffice. So in this case whatever she would have preferred, M knew she needed to fuck S in the pussy first. She clearly gave it as little time as she thought I would allow before pulling out of S’s wet pussy and diving into S’s tight asshole. I watched S's face as M forced the cock in. S had her eyes tightly shut and pursed her lips and the discomfort was evident as the fat cock had penetrated her asshole. Once it was in, M immediately began to roughly and deeply fuck S up the ass. Watching S’s face, I could see what M could not from her vantage behind S’s beautiful ass, that already S was getting into it. M fucked S’s ass a long time, with S playing the part, crying “Thank you mistress for hurting my asshole. Oh mistress you’re so deep, you’re stretching my ass so terribly!” All the while wearing the pleasure across her face as much as the pleasure was written across M’s for thinking she was abusing S so harshly! However, from a particularly hard or quick thrust, the momentary pain was evident from the biting clamps and the weights tugging on S's nipples. Once her mistress was satisfied, because of some lingering inhibitions, what seemed the most distressing for S, besides the painful clamps and weights, was when M pulled the cock out of her asshole and then walked around to her face and made S lick it clean. It never mattered that she knew I would never let my slaves lick anything that was soiled or unhealthy. But unlike the earlier days, S was now well trained and submissive enough to do these humiliating tasks. Then, when S was told to stand straight, it was clear that the movement of the clamps with the weights hanging from them was very painful. M removed the weights from the clamps and then when she pulled the clamps off S’s nipples, as could not stop from moaning in pain. Then M spontaneously bent forward and began to lick and suck S's nipples. I knew she had no strong desire to do this so I assume she thought I would enjoy watching it while she knew it would deliver a good amount of pain as S’s nipples were still obviously very, very sore! I handed M a leash and she connected it to S’s collar, and S obediently got on her hands and knees and followed her mistress back into the bedroom. I sat down on the bed and had M get over my lap as I felt like spanking her, it has been a while since she been punished, and I knew despite following all of my directions, she was not satisfied unless she was the focus of the punishment and obedience. I gave her a very hard and fast spanking. When I'd led her off my lap she knew what she was to do next. She unhooked the leash from her kneeling slave’s collar and told slave S to get on the bed. “I am going to show you how to serve your mistress.” M said. She laid down next to S, and they faced each other on their sides, then M pulled S close to her and began to kiss her. While kissing her she roamed her hands all over S’s body. She rolled S onto her belly climbed on her back and began to massage and tongue bathe her. She worked her hands and mouth all over her back and shoulders and finally all over her ass. She began to work her tongue up and down between S’s cheeks. Then she began to vigorously lick and kiss S”s asshole. She was obviously working her tongue as deep as she could. Then she rolled S over. Straddled her stomach and bent and began to kiss her again. They made out like this for a few minutes, with M massaging S’s tits and squeezing her nipples, before finally beginning to kiss her way down. Soon M was kneeling between S’s spread legs. She began to lick and kiss around her pussy. Soon she was eating her pussy earnestly. While eating her pussy she reached up with her hands and began to squeeze S’s nipples. After squeezing and twisting them pretty hard, which was probably particularly rough on S who had just worn those clamps and weights, though you couldn't tell because she was very much enjoying having her pussy eaten, M took her hands from S’s nipples and soon was driving three fingers in and out of S's pussy while she sucked on her clit. When those fingers were soaking wet she rammed them into S”s asshole and started fucking her asshole with those fingers while eating her pussy and then sucking on her clit. I could see S was getting ready to cum, and I said, “M sit on S's face so while you finish demonstrating for her she can begin to show if she's learned anything.” M climbed around and sat on S's face then brought her mouth back to S’s pussy and worked three fingers back into her asshole. S began to eagerly eat M’s pussy, stopping momentarily the suck on three of her own fingers before working them in to M's asshole. She was fucking M’s asshole while eating her pussy and focusing a lot of her tongue's attention on M's clit. It was a beautiful sight indeed as they both came together at the same time. Despite the moaning and obvious climax, both slaves were well-trained enough to keep both their mouths planted on the other's pussy

until they were both done!
End of part one. Next, Part 2---R arrives!