Monday, May 31, 2010

Nipples are Naked without a Good Set of Clamps!

I know there is often a bit of a focus on the ass in my blogs. It would be misleading to leave you thinking that this is all a focus on. As I have admitted, it is primary and if I have only enough time for one activity before sex it would be some kind of whipping, spanking, paddling, caning or other similar punishment. Nevertheless, I love nipple punishment, tit torture, whatever you like to call it. From clothes pins to tight clamps, adjustable clamps and beyond, it's important for those entering submission to know what we are going to do to their lovely breasts. I want to talk about the things I have done, the things my slaves have enjoyed, the things other slaves have asked me for and the things that I know have gone on with other people. I will talk about some activities that I am not looking to do or I have at least not done yet. There is a woman in Germany that first contacted me when she saw my profile and maybe I will get to tell you about her, and what she has to say, or maybe she will, at some later point.
My first experience with nipple punishment was with clothespins. It was with M, soon after to be followed by more severe experiences with K. But M was definitely my first and it started with clothespins before going far beyond. Before I ever did anything with submissive women I had years of fantasies. I used to imagine everything from pinching and squeezing nipples, putting clothespins on them, putting pins in them and into breasts, and twisting nipples with pliers. Once I saw M was submissive and into pain, I went and bought some clothespins. I have to admit, having no experience; I tried them on my nipples first. It didn't hurt much at first but as time went on they began to hurt more. I decided I'd had enough, after all I wasn't looking for pain, I was looking to bestow it on others. When I took them off it hurt a lot! I was unprepared for that unexpected jolt of pain. I learned a lot from that experience about what I was going to be doing with the women in my life. I knew I was going to bring clothespins with me the next time I saw M, but the question was how long could I leave them on her nipples, how long should I leave them on, and how would she react when I pulled them off and they hurt even more. I decided to see how it went as it went along. Two nights later, with M naked, her hands tied behind her back and her ass red from a spanking, her eyes were closed as they often were from a mix of excitement, passion, pain and fear. I went behind her and got the clothespins and then started to massage her nipples from behind. I started to squeeze and twist them harder and harder as I often did. Moaning and breathing heavy I could tell she was enjoying the nipple pain. I came around in front of her and placed one clothespin on each nipple and she did not open her eyes but she smiled a little bit. I untied her hands from behind her back, pushed her until she was lying on her back, and then retied her hands over her head to part of the bed frame. Then I positioned myself between her legs and started eating her soaking wet delicious pussy. While eating her pussy I reached up blindly until I found the clothespins on her nipples and started to manipulate and twist the clothespins. She moaned and writhed in a combination of pleasure and pain that was clearly written across her face. I could tell she was getting ready to cum and I planned to pull the clothespins off right at the moment of orgasm, so as she started to gyrate her hips and scream aloud, I knew she was cumming and I yanked off the clips. The pain that shot through her nipples was transmitted directly to her pussy and centered right in her clit because it send her orgasm into the stratosphere and she started screaming near the top of her lungs. I knew right then and there that I had a new nipple torture convert. Later we would discuss that the pain at the moment of orgasm served to magnify the orgasm incredibly! Despite this tame beginning M would prove to be one of the two slaves that could handle the most nipple torture. For slave S the extent she's able to take of nipple punishment is moderate. We started with clothespins but now have a variety of adjustable clamps, though she's only able to handle moderate pain to her nipples. When I adjust them tighter it is clear there's only so far I can go before it ceases to be erotic in any form for her. Most of the time I put on the Japanese Clover clamps and will pull on them which increases the intensity, and urges her to move forward, say, with my cock in her mouth. If I'm going to hang weights from those clamps on S, they can't be too heavy, not the several pounds that M or K could handle. When I first used adjustable clamps with M, I had her sitting on the punishment chair, her hands tied behind her back, with a pretty thick long rubber cock up her asshole (since we had not tried thumbtacks yet I had her sitting on a few small rubber jacks, the kind from the game, instead). They were pointy and very uncomfortable but would not puncture the skin. Then I asked M: “What should I do to your nipples, slave?” And she responded, “whatever you want to do Master,” then she paused, and continued, “Please hurt my nipples, Master.” I then put the clamps on her nipples. As I mentioned she will often keep her eyes closed during these experiences but I can tell from the expression on her face often how much pain she's experiencing and generally what she's thinking. Since she had already relaxed and was dealing with the pain in her ass and asshole I could see from her expression that she did not find the clamps very painful. That was how I had set them, because I was looking forward to watching her expression as I slowly adjusted each clamp tighter. I began with her right nipple, and began to slowly tighten the clamp. She could feel my hands against her breast and could feel that I was manipulating the clamp but I don't remember if she definitely knew ahead of time that these clamps were adjustable. However, from the expression on her face, I could see she was quickly realizing that these were adjustable and that I was beginning to make them tighter. She took a deep breath and I could see her lips get tighter as she steeled herself for the pain to come. During a lot of punishment M is a screamer and grunter and so I expected a reaction like that. However, those reactions I usually get from severe ass beatings or large things being inserted up her ass. During this particular point in our time together this was probably the most severe treatment her nipples had experienced. SHe was breathing heavy, keeping her mouth tight and then finally exclaimed: “oh that hurts so much!” as a couple of tears dripped down her cheeks. I decided to use that as my guide that she reached enough pain, and switched to the other nipple and clamp and began to tighten that one. Knowing that I stopped when she exclaimed that, I wondered if she was now going to say something similar a little earlier in the process before her nipple hurt as much as the other. But M. was an excellent slave and true to her submissive form, she took the tightening until the tears slowly streamed down her cheeks again, and this time exclaimed: “oh master, that hurts so much!” and I stopped tightening that one . There she was, sitting there in pain, eyes tightly shut, tears on her cheeks and breathing heavily. I wiped away her tears and then I loosened each clamp about a half a turn. I could see from her expression she was surprised that whatever adjustment I had just made did not tighten them any further or make it hurt any more, though with such a small adjustment I don't know if she felt much relief. I did that because at the time I felt we had reached the limit and since I knew I was about to twist the clamps which was going to be very painful, so I wanted to give her a little room in her pain tolerance. After those half turn adjustments I grabbed both clamps and began to twist them back and forth slowly. Now I heard grunts and moans and then as I twisted them faster and in almost complete circles--- small screams and screeches. I reached my hand down between her legs and started to massage her pussy, firmly stroking her clit, and seconds after that she was back to being very wet. Sometimes with M., who was wet almost nonstop during punishment, humiliation and submission, there were times during the most severe punishment where her excitement was overshadowed by her body's need to react to the pain. Nevertheless, it took very little time playing with her pussy to enable her body to refocus on her excitement and make her pussy soaking wet again. “Do you think I've hurt your nipples enough slave?” As I was still twisting the clamps she managed to gasp out “whatever you think, Master”. “I don't think I have slave. So what you have to say to that?” She responded, “please master hurt my nipples some more.” “Slave, I'm not sure I made these clamps tight enough, what do you think?” She took a deep breath, paused, and with her eyes tightly shut responded: “please master, tighten the clamps some more.” Hearing this, my cock was rock hard, though in truth it already was. I think I was testing her submission more than her ability to suffer the pain, because I was not really interested in tightening the clamps anymore as I knew her nipples were in agony. I wasn't prepared to let her know this yet, so instead I said: “you'll have to do better than that slave. Beg me to tighten the clamps and hurt your nipples and you'd better be convincing or I will find something much bigger to shove up your asshole.” “Please master,” she begged, “please hurt my nipples, please tighten the clamps and make me scream and beg for mercy, tighten them and twist them until I can’t possibly stand it anymore and then tighten them some more because some bitch slave and you can do whatever you want.” Hearing all of that I couldn't take it anymore and needed to use my slave in another way! I grabbed the clamps, squeezed their release and pulled them both off as she screamed. I wondered, since her nipples were in so much pain to begin with, how much more they could hurt when I pulled them off and she got that increase in pain from the blood rushing back into her nipples.( I asked her later and all she could say was it definitely hurt more when I pulled them off then it was hurting seconds before). I knelt down and began to tongue and suck her pretty little nipples. I knew at this point they were so sensitive that even my licking, kissing and sucking had to be agony. It was exciting to be able to show them such tender attention and still know my slave was bearing the pain for her master. While I was doing this they reached behind her and unhooked her wrist cuffs from being locked together. I stood up and backed up and told her to get off the chair. She slowly began to rise and they could see that the rubber jacks were clinging to her ass. Slowly she rose as inch after inch of the big fat rubber cock slid out of her asshole. I checked the cock and it was clean. Two of the Jacks had already fallen off of her and I pulled the other to off of her ass. “On your knees and clean that rubber cock!” I commanded. She turned towards the punishment chair, knelt down and began to lick the big rubber cock that had been up her ass. One she'd licked the thing completely she then began to suck on it, and deep throat it as I had taught her to do when she's cleaning my cock. “That’s enough!” I commanded. “On your back on the bed.” I demanded. She got on the bed and I began to fuck her. We fucked like that for very long time. We would change positions sometimes, I would rub her clit, or stop to eat her pussy for a while. She came three or four times but I was holding back. I stood up next to the bed and told her to get on her knees on the floor. I grabbed her nipples and squeezed and they were obviously still very sensitive after what they’d gone through earlier. "Clean your pussy of my cock!" I commanded. She licked my cock and balls completely before starting to deep throat me. I pushed her way and turned around, “now clean my asshole bitch!” She kissed my ass a bit before spreading my cheeks and working her tongue around my asshole, and then deeply into it. Then I moved away from her and demanded, "any hands and knees on the bed whore!” She did as she was told, and after two or three thrusts into her pussy for lubrication I shoved my cock hard and deep into her asshole. It didn't take long to feel like I was going to shoot my load, so I pulled out and checked my cock as I walked around to her face. I grabbed her hair and held her head tight and looked into her eyes and commanded her to clean my cock again. As soon as her mouth was wrapped around my cock I felt like I was going to cum, but I didn't feel like standing when I did. I pushed her off my cock and sat on the edge of the bed and told her to get on the floor and crawl around to me and to kneel between my legs. When she was positioned I said, “start by licking my balls and then get to sucking in my cock, make me shoot a big load in your mouth! Deep throat me all you want to get me to cum, but you make sure when I start shooting, I'm shooting my load in your mouth and not your throat. I want to make sure it's all over your tongue and that you taste every drop of my cum. Then make sure to keep sucking to get every drop out of my cock. I want my balls completely drained before I feel your mouth leave my cock, understand slave?”
“Yes master I understand. I will suck your cock like the slave whore I am and suck and swallow just as you command. I will be your perfect cock sucking bitch whore master.” (It took a long time for M to learn how I wanted her to speak, and M was often too shy to do it, and even when she did it well, like this, there was often a distinct lack of emotion in what she was saying, but it was exciting nevertheless because I knew she was only able to make herself say these things because she knew it pleased me, and she was probably fearful of how I would punish her if she did not. Often she would not speak as I liked because she was too embarrassed and accept her punishment, but on days like this, when her nipples could not stand anymore pain, her asshole was already sore and stretched and though not whipped, caned or paddled this time, her ass was no doubt sore from sitting so long on those pointy jacks, she probably could not even imagine handling one more painful punishment! I have to admit that of all the submissive girls I have known, so far the very best at giving head were M and slave S. They were both pretty equal, with M getting the nod for stamina, but S could accept a hard, deep and long throat fucking; something M could not. No one could get their face and throat fucked harder or longer than S and unlike the girls on the internet, there was no gagging or choking! But no one could lick, suck and show ingenuity, energy and eagerness like M when she was giving a blowjob! That was an amazing finish to an incredible afternoon together! For more advanced experiences in nipple punishment you will have to wait for a related post coming soon to the sister blog: Training of Submissives.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Online Bitchiness. Not Bitches-----Bitchiness!

I thought it would be interesting and entertaining to relate to you some of my experiences meeting people, or at least trying to, into D/s, online. This was a few years ago and it was on the chat/IM parts of sites that cater to the kinds of videos and pictures I like to see. I met this one woman about my age and her little profile said she was interested in giving herself as a complete slave to the right master. Okay I thought and I contacted her. She asked me to write her a story illustrating what a typical D/s scene would be for us if we decided to meet and get involved in that way. I wrote the story and emailed it. She then got on the chat and explained to me that she likes some elements of the story and was particularly impressed that I seem to be well spoken and mannered. However, she felt that my scenario was not “loving enough” and she also wanted to point out that during the story the slave gave the Master a a blow job, and she most certainly does not do oral sex, though it's perfectly fine if I want to do it to her. I was a little taken aback by her comments. I said to her that it would be hard for me to make it more “loving” when I didn't even know her. I tried to make it realistic so she would know what to expect, and I think in my writing I try to make it clear that I really won't do anything or say anything if it's not consensual. Anything more caring than that would really require me to be involved in the relationship and know the person better---better than not at all certainly! I also pointed out to her that oral sex was rather important to me and that I had never met anyone who didn't do these things regardless of whether or not they were into dominance and submission, and that it seemed particularly unusual to me that someone who enjoys submitting to the whims and desires of a man would not expect to perform oral sex at least occasionally. It was fine if she didn't like it but it was unlikely that I would be interested in carrying on a relationship with her that was to get physical if that was always going to be nonnegotiable. She informed me that while she appreciated my candor and detail that it was nonnegotiable and she was looking for a more lovable and cuddly master any way. I told her good luck and I would really like to know if all these years later she was able to find anything close to what she was looking for. My only other foray into online meeting was more fun but just as perplexing. I met this girl who is younger than me and we started emailing each other. We hit it off immediately and we started to write stories for each other to show what we liked and to try to excite and interest the other. We really seemed to be in sync with each other and wrote stories that excited the other very nicely. Valentine's Day was coming up and we decided we should start to see if this could go to the next level so we could meet by Valentine's Day. We exchanged cell phone numbers and agreed to a time I would call her. I called her and she immediately seemed distant and uninterested. We got off the phone saying very little and I couldn't understand what had gone on after the many weeks of successful email encounters. I heard nothing until she emailed me a few days later to let me know that from when we first started chatting and writing each other stories she had been fantasizing about me regularly, and when we finally spoke my voice didn't match her fantasies and she was disappointed. She was not looking to pursue a relationship because of this. I emailed her back and said given how much we had in common and how well this had been going for so long, I was confused and disappointed but if that was the way she felt--- goodbye. I did not attempt any contact with her again by email nor did I use her cell phone number. Almost exactly one month later I got an email from her asking what was going on and how I was doing. I told her a few things and said I missed communicating with her. We started emailing each other again except now her emails turned a bit colder and nastier and she started writing to me about what she was doing with other guys. I told her I had no interest in this and when she would not let up I told her we didn't need to email anymore. I broke off contact. Almost exactly one month later she got in contact again and asked if I was willing to IM with her again. I said I would try and see what she had to say but if she was going to be difficult and unpleasant again we need not continue. This time it went lovely for many weeks, like at the beginning, and I was waiting to see if she would ever say that she could get past the fact that my voice did not match her fantasy and that maybe we should try to meet in person. She didn't say that. She would say how nice some of our emails were and how they were starting to feel different, more special and intimate. Certainly we had built up a bit of a relationship by this point. A while later she said she'd met somebody and in order to give that relationship a try she probably shouldn't keep in contact with me. I said I understood and that it was sad because I always wondered what could have been between the two of us. She said she felt the same way and thought that I would ask to meet her when she pointed out how our emails had become more intimate and special but then---- I didn't. I said how could I ask her to meet when she was the one who told me she didn't want to? I said it was clearly up to her to make that move. She said she felt bad that there was a misunderstanding but that it was too late. I asked her, knowing she had put me off because she didn't like my voice, why she could think I should ask her out without any signal from her that things had changed? AT this, she surprised me and said that it was time to come clean and tell me the whole truth. She never had a problem with my voice that's why she never brought it up again and forgot even that she had said that. If she had remembered she might have said something about it while there was still time. She told me that it was very difficult to meet men online because they turned out to be crazy or even dangerous. She said all the different problems we had online were just her testing me! The first test, which told me she didn't like my voice, she wanted to see if I was then going to keep harassing her or use her cell phone number and start calling her at all hours or many times a day. When I didn't bother her, she decided I’d passed that test and the next one was to test me by dangling herself in front of me and then treating me like dirt. She was pleased to see that I didn't let her get away with it because she wasn't looking for a submissive man, and then was anxious to see if now that I was angry with her instead of confused by her if I would then harass her by email or over her cell phone. I passed that test too. Her third test was we get back in touch and rather than just talk about meeting she wanted to see if we could recover and get back to the lovely Internet relationship we were having the first time we said we would get together. We passed that test and she couldn't understand why I wasn't asking to meet her, but assumed I really had something going on the side that I didn't tell her about otherwise obviously I'd be clamoring to get a date. I told her I thought it was smart of her to test me, and annoying but I guess still a good idea to test me the second time. But I let her know I think she handled the third test very poorly. After everything she put me through, if she was really interested in meeting me she should have let me know when she saw that we were able to pretty much pick up where we left off. She agreed that she'd made some poor decisions at the end but that now she'd met somebody and was looking to see if that relationship would work out. I wished her good luck and that was the pretty much the last I dealt with her. I would be very much interested in hearing some of your online experiences, pathetic or good; whatever you have to say!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Safewords: Why Some Slaves and Masters Like Them, and Some Don’t. Why Some Slaves and Masters Need Them and Use Them, and Others Don’t.

What are safe words? During D/s play they are a word used to signify the need for cessation of activities on behalf of the submissive. They are not to be ignored if it is agreed that they will be used. Why can’t we just say “stop” during D/s? Because, during some D/s role-play, the submissive begging for mercy or begging for the punishment or humiliation to stop is part of the scene and part of the desired activities, so a safe word is the only sure way to know when the sub is no longer involved in role play and needs to stop the pain or punishment from continuing, or at least from continuing at that intensity. Does everyone use safewords? No. Some people don’t use them because they don’t beg during the scene so when they say stop they mean stop. Some people don’t use them because they like to beg a bit, but still know that their point will get across if they want things to stop. Still, others don’t use safewords because they have no intention of expecting mercy. Their cries and screams are real, and they have decided that their Master , knowing they are in pain, how much they are screaming, how their body is reacting (skin welting, etc.) will decide when their punishment is enough. Some 24/7 relationships are like that and there are some slaves, either because of the level of pain they can tolerate or desire, or because of their mindset and pain tolerance, expect nothing but what their master chooses. Slave K would not think of a safeword because she craved as much pain and punishment as I would dish out. Slave M did not use safewords because she trusted I would be reasonable and decided never to question what I chose to do to her. Slave S did not always use safe words because she trusted she could communicate if things were too much and trusted that I would change the intensity level based on this communication. However, sometimes she liked to get into the role and beg and scream so then she liked having a safeword. Slave Kayla used safewords because begging and screaming were a big part of her enjoyment. I found that among submissives, if they got into the role of begging for mercy they wanted the option of safewords. If they were already saying “Please Master, have mercy on your slave bitch, please don’t whip me anymore, please don’t shove that butt plug back in my ass, master these nipple clamps are agony, mercy master.” How could they communicate anything without safewords? Now, K and M, both had decided I could do what I wanted, so they communicated by their real reactions of gasping, grimacing, begging, screaming, crying as well as what I could tell from the marks on their skin. M knew I would eventually show mercy if it seemed she could not take anymore, and K did not care, or even want mercy. For K, knowing I might choose not to stop no matter what she was going for was part of the excitement for her. She knew enough about me to know I was safe, was not going to disfigure or permanently damage her, so to her the only doubt was how much pain I would inflict and for how long and this doubt excited her. For M, it was also the more excited I got punishing her, the more excited she reacted to it. Safewords protect you from being misunderstood when you need something to stop, or at least be reduced. They will not protect you from someone that is dangerous or deaf to your feelings. Therefore, good judgment, gut instinct, trust, and a thorough knowledge of each other are essential to a satisfying and safe exchange of power and control. What are good safewords? You don’t want to use a word likely to come up as part of your scene (mercy, please don’t hurt me master, etc.) so it should be something quite different and noticeable, but it needs to be something familiar enough to remember when you are under a certain amount of stress (favorite colors, animals, places you like, etc. such as RED, CAT, HAWAII, etc. are all good). I think safewords are necessary when you are pushing a slave's limits, consensually, and if the slave and the master enjoy the slave begging then there is no other way to know the slave needs a break, or a reduction in severity. Naturally, safewords don't work well with gags---which I guess should be obvious. Also, if you are staying comfortably within limits, if your slave has no limits, if your slave likes to beg but you can tell when they really mean it, you may not need safewords. If you are not sure if you need them, it never “hurts” to have one (so to speak). In my experience even when we used them, like with slave Kayla, we did not actually use them, we just had them available. She loved to beg and scream and curse with such intensity that I could never have known she needed respite if we did not have a safeword available, but she never actually chose to use it. The closest we probably came was when I tied her hands over her head and used an unfurled bullwhip across her back. When it was completely red and welted I took a shorter quirt and worked on her ass. Once her ass was pretty red I took her hands down and tied her bent over a coffee table with pillows over it. I then caned her ass while she screamed and begged for mercy. When I stopped she probably thought it ws one, but instead I put Japanese clover clamps on her nipples, hung the chain over the edge of the coffee table, then hung 2 pounds of weights from it. While she swore she would do anything for me to end the torture, from sticking her tongue as deep up my ass as she could and thoroughly cleaning my asshole, which she did many times, to begging to use her tongue to clean the toilet bowl and lick the bathroom floor clean after I would cum all over it, which she hated doing and almost never did anything like that, but she never used her safe word. Then I told her the clamps and weight don’t come off until she is paddled 25 strokes with a wooden paddle, she gets fucked in her pussy and ass and I cum in her mouth. She swore she could not take the paddling or the nipple weight for that much longer, but she never used the safeword. She counted each of the 25 strokes of a moderate weight wooden paddle with holes in it, screaming and begging the entire time, then screamed every thrust of my cock in her pussy and ass as it set the clamps and weights swinging. Finally, I pulled out of her ass when I felt ready to cum, then walked around to her face and started to roughly and deeply fuck her mouth while I bent over her and put my hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. She was soaking wet and it was a close race to see who would cum first. When I started shooting into her mouth while still working her pussy, she started to cum only moments after I did. Never once did she use her safeword and afterward I asked her if she had forgotten the word, or forgotten about using it, and she said she did not, she simply never felt she needed to use it and was having such a good time even when it hurt as much as she felt she could take, she did not want to end everything prematurely. She said she was glad she did not use it because by the time we were done she had an incredible orgasm and could see we both had a great experience. Sometimes, having a safeword gives you enough confidence not to use it. If we did not have a safeword available for Kayla to use if she really needed, she may have chose to end things too early to avoid things becoming more than she could take and she might be unable to communicate that at that time. So contrary to some things I have heard, in my experience a safeword can allow things to go farther than they might have rather than end them prematurely.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's Your Pleasure?

What do you like to be called?
Slave, bitch, whore, cunt, slut, toilet, or maybe cocksucking whore, asslicking bitch, etc.?
How do you like to address your partner:
Master, Mistress, Sir, Madame, etc.?
I generally prefer calling you a slave or a bitch or a whore or a slut. The name toilet is reserved for those times of intense humiliation where I plan on having a slave tongue clean or face sponge a bathroom or perform some other degrading service. There are specific names or terms that I like to use at particular moments, such as "come here asslicker, on your knees cock sucker or stick your tongue out pussy eating whore." The times when I would use those terms are probably obvious. In my experience, everyone I have been with except for M enjoyed being called names. Although, interestingly, if it went by just how wet their pussy got, M liked the most derogatory terms of: toilet, asslicker and cock sucking whore! The names slave and whore worked well for slave S and slave K. it used to be that I had only thought of the word bitch as a derogatory term to be used when I was fighting. However slave Kayla responded well to bitch as well as whore and somewhat slave also. Then I learned through a discussion about a couple of bisexual women I knew who had nothing to do with me sexually that one of them considered herself the others bitch. I don't know what it was about hearing that story, because using the term with Kayla never really change the way I looked at the word, but something about that conversation made me think of bitch as a much more sexy and attractive term. Although I still almost always initially address a slave as a slave, over the course of time together probably bitch and whore get used as much or more. And of course there are the combination's. I like to ask a lot of questions, and as I've addressed in a post on one of the blogs about how I like a slave to speak, I expect most of the words repeated in the answer. Therefore, when I ask "who's my cock sucking bitch slut?" I expect to hear "I'm your cock sucking bitch Master." If I pull a slave’s face from between my cheeks and ask "do you like cleaning my asshole with your tongue whore?” I expect to be told "yes sir, I love to clean your asshole with my tongue Master!” It took a long time before I could consistently count on am responding the way I want to to what I had to say, and hearing what I wanted to hear from her when she spoke. It took a great deal of time and a great deal of punishment so the process while frustrating was also very enjoyable to me. Often it would take some severe punishment to get how to speak the way I wanted to adapt particular time. Even so, M. would rarely carry it over to the next time and speak the way I wanted her to without a new dose of punishment. It was an exciting process for me, though once she had made that mind shift and started to behave more like a submissive slave, it was probably much easier for her ass, asshole, and nipples. I have to admit I will look for a dominant woman to be with those slaves that are willing, or try to get one sub to dominate another (more about that in another post on one of the 2 blogs). I really enjoy watching one woman standing over a kneeling naked slave, watching her pull her hair as she says to her “who's my ass licking, pussy eating bitch?" Or “Ready to serve our Master you cock sucking whore?”
As for the second part of the question, what do you call someone: I can tell you that I prefer to be called Master or Sir. Have to admit that when I started years ago Master was all I was interested in hearing. M, as I had mentioned, was more resistant to obedience training and while she had no problem submitting to anything I did to her or being punished severely, she had a problem wearing a collar, crawling on the floor, responding to being called a slave and an inability to call me master regularly. Kayla called me master at my suggestion but like M, seemed more comfortable calling me “sir” instead. Over time I have come to appreciate “sir” and will use it often. It also gives a word to use when out in public as I have found that in the real world a lot of submissive women, even those willing to wear designer collars and provocative outfits in public are still uncomfortable saying “Master” where they might be overheard. They are less concerned about saying sir, but I try to make them say it as often as possible in front of strangers, and get them to have to repeat things that can be embarrassing also. I always respect their limits, but if I push the boundaries a bit they cannot be sure what I will say or do in public and this creates a tension that results in a lot of excitement for the sub, which I check on by pulling them into someplace secluded and stick my hand in their pants. It is a direct method, no? It is better than asking the slave what they are feeling; they inevitably say they are nervous but that is part of the scene and if I end it early because of that reaction I have found they are disappointed when we discuss it later. Their pussies, however, never lie. If they are not wet, we move on. If they are...we continue. While I will not make them go naked or perform sexually in public, mostly to not offend strangers or be inappropriate if any younger people are around, I will make them do other things besides call me sir. Often I will make them go bra less and wear a set of nipple clamps instead. They are sure everyone can see what is going on through their shirt though I always choose a shirt that is too loose or thick to be able to tell more than something slightly unusual is going on. It adds a great dimension though because when they call me sir while wearing the clamps they are sure that the combination means everyone can tell exactly what is going on!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Strawberries and Cream

Two subs I have written about, M and Kayla, responded to being forced to taste themselves with extreme excitement. As I mentioned, whether I fucked their pussy or their asshole, they were more than willing to lick my cock clean afterward. And it wasn't just willingness of course, but they responded by getting very, very wet and excited. Slave S, on the other hand, sometimes responded very well to these things and at other times was hesitant. It seemed to do more with what was in her head than what was actually going on. So it seemed natural at some point, since I too enjoyed tasting their assholes and pussies, that we should find some different ways to enjoy these activities that also fulfilled the exchange of control. So, I would have M standing before me naked with her hands chained behind their back and I would have some strawberries arranged on a plate. When we first started with this I would take the strawberries and work them between the lips of her pussy and then hold them up for her to eat out of my hand. Then I would get some more of them wet and I would eat them. Then I would look for a couple of particularly firm strawberries, moisten them in her pussy, then have her turn around and I'd work them into her asshole. I would leave it there a while, then eventually pull it out and have her eat it from my hand. If I had brought along another woman to watch her, then I would simply moisten several strawberries at one time, then arrange them on a plate on the floor, and then she would crawl over and eat all of the strawberries that were in her pussy or asshole at one time. If the other woman was another submissive then I would simply stick strawberries in both their pussies and assholes and then have them eat them out from each other, either one at a time or in a 69 position. Or I would cut the strawberries up in a dog bowl, have one slave lick my asshole while the other sucked on my cock, then pulled my cock out of her mouth and came all over the strawberries in the bowl, and then had them kneel on their hands and knees together and eat the strawberries and cum out of the bowl. However, if only my slave was submissive but the two women were still going to play together, I would moisten the strawberries with the visitor’s pussy or asshole and then feed them to my slave, and also have the girl feed them to my slave. Beyond fruit, which I find, for reasons that are hard to explain, the most appropriate food for this sort of thing, I have to talk about some experiences outside of fruit and outside the home. Slave Kayla loved public acts and Slave M enjoyed them also, but to a lesser degree. They both liked having sex out of the house. Kayla liked having sex in restaurant bathrooms and M liked having sex outside. However, you can read more about that in the erotic humiliation post at the sister blog Training of Submissives. Here I will only say that in the private booths you can get at some Japanese restaurants, with Kayla or M wearing a skirt or dress, with no panties, when we were alone in the booth I would insert whatever food available that seemed appropriate into their pussies, and then we would share it, them eating out of my hand or off the table without them using their hands or utensils.

I would be interested to know the experiences of some of our readers. Is this a turn on, an intriguing part of submission, or something you would avoid?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Mouthful: A Question for You.

How do you feel about ball and bit gags? I think they look sexy (in a girl’s mouth). I don’t use them as much as I thought I would because I find I usually want the mouth free for other things. I won’t use them when doing certain things because I need to know the sub is able to tell me if something is going wrong. But I do like the way they look. Only Slave Kayla ever said she actually liked to wear them, and the one she liked the best was a particularly soft kind of ball gag that we fashioned ourselves. Slave S and Slave M did not like the inability to communicate, though M could still handle being gagged while S really could not. What do you have to say?

Monday, May 10, 2010


I am going to start posing questions here for your feedback. I am going to post the same questions on both of the blogs; Entering Submission and Training of Submissives, because even though my hope is both blogs would be of equal interest to everyone, our stats indicate that there is only about a 75%-85% cross read, and that about 20% of our readers are reading only one or the other. I think the answers to these questions could be of value to any readers here and that the readers of either blog would have very worthwhile things to add to these discussions. I will comment also in case anyone is interested. Please post your answers as comments to the post on either blog.

What Do You Want to Hear?

When I started there was no info or easily accessed sources of material. I learned from my submissives’ desires as well as how to let go of natural inhibitions and say what I wanted to say. Slave Kayla loves verbal abuse. She is a dirty bitch whore who should be tied down and forced to lick every asshole and dripping pussy her master can find for her, or at least, that is what she wants to hear. Slave M doesn’t really like verbal abuse and is much more comfortable being called a slave, than a bitch and is not really happy with being called a whore at all. Slave S likes to be spoken to just as Kayla does, but doesn’t really feel the same. She enjoys the role-play but getting spoken down to really turns Kayla on. Slave K never voiced or showed a preference. I try to give a slave what they need as best I can, but I know M gets called a bitch and a whore more than she cares for, and Kayla never gets enough verbal abuse because after a while I get lost in the action and can’t keep up as steady a stream of verbal abuse. Whereas Kayla likes to think of herself as a dirty whore that would do anything and should be punished for it, M thinks of herself as a good girl that wants to please her master and just happens to enjoy pain and submission as much as other forms of stimulation. Slave S gets off on where her head is at, sometimes the obedient slave and sometimes the disobedient whore. Slave K wants to be hurt and used hard and you can say whatever you want as long as you give her what she needs. I believe this group is representative of all the types of submissives I have known or heard about.

So, there is what subs want to hear, but what about what dominants like to hear? I only know what I like, and how I train my slaves to speak. For one thing, I don’t like short answers. A yes master or yes sir is good (better than a no sir, certainly, but often won’t satisfy me. If I ask a slave, “would you like me to fuck your ass now slave?” I don’t just want to hear “Yes, sir.” I want to hear “Yes, sir, please fuck my ass now.” If I ask “Do you think I should cane your ass now slave?” I expect to hear, “Whatever you think sir.” “I think I should slave.” “Yes, sir, please cane my ass.” “How hard should I cane it slave?” I will ask. At the very least I expect to hear:“Please sir, cane my ass very hard. “ Most of te subs I know would add something like “Make me scream, sir, make me beg for mercy.” Sometimes, I will be more general, I can ask any of the subs I have been with; “What do you think I should do to your nipples slave?” And I will always get “You should hurt my nipples sir.” “How much slave?” I might ask. “Please master, hurt my nipples terribly (Or things like this, the words do not have to be exact--- just along those lines.) I have to admit; only one slave I have known could answer “What should I do to your asshole slave?” like this “Please sir, hurt my asshole.” M would answer with such fear and sincerity and anticipation that it was very exciting. None of the others I have been involved with really enjoyed more than a minimal amount of pain there and could not even fake such an verbal exchange. “How should I hurt your asshole slave?” I could ask, and she had many suggestions, always starting with me fucking it, because that is what she enjoyed the most. She did not get nearly as excited when something artificial was shoved inside of her, though once she saw how excited it made me she began to respond. I think when a sub has to answer in complete sentences or repeat all the words of what she is asked, it is very humiliating and exciting, at least I certainly find it is. Having to ask, request and beg for use and punishment is an important part of being submissive.

The Importance of Naked and Not....

Since not all submissives want to live in a 24/7 lifestyle, I need to communicate to them when I expect them to submit. This is because I like a scene to be set from the beginning. Since I like collars and leashes so much, if I leave a collar out or I communicate in some way that they should be wearing a collar, they know what they are in for. We have small designer collars that they know they are supposed to wear if we plan on going out. If they know we are staying in to have one main thick leather slave collar with an O ring that's very prominent and they know that is what they should be wearing. Once they know they will be wearing a collar they will ask me what else they should be wearing. If they are inside it might just be nothing else besides their wrist and ankle cuffs, or possibly stockings and high heeled shoes. If we are going out then it will include what, if any, underwear as well as pants or a skirt or dress. They will ask me how their hair should be. I will often have them tie it back if we are staying in so that I can push it out of the way easily or grab it if I want to pull on it. Often when we go out I will have them wear a skirt or dress with nothing underneath. The only time I will have somewhere assigned underneath his only to send him to the bathroom to take it off and bring it out and hand it to me in public, or to have them use them in some other way as I mentioned in another post. Sometimes I will let them wear a bra, but if there is a reason for them to be punished then they will do so over a pair of nipple clamps. I may also have then wear a thong in order to keep a butt plug in place or a vibrator in their pussy. Usually when we are in, they will remain naked except for collar and cuffs and maybe a leash hanging down. If I have brought over or invited any other women, I will frequently have my slave dress in a French maid apron. This affords the embarrassment of dressing in a demeaning way when they're walking towards us, and the humiliation of being naked when they walk away. Often under these circumstances, I will have the slave serve drinks on a tray. A bottle, 2 glasses and a pet bowl. I will pour the drinks and give the guest her glass and take mine, then I will nod to the slave and she will take her bowl, place it on the floor and kneel down with her naked ass up and her face positioned at the bowl. Usually, at this point I will remark that it would be lovely to drink by candlelight. Often my guest will agree. I will look down ask my slave on the floor and of course she will agree, with something like: “yes sir, I think candlelight would be an excellent idea.” At this point I will get a long slender candle and if I hand it to my kneeling slave she knows to dip it in her pussy to get it wet and then insert it into her asshole deep enough that it will stay put. Sometimes rather than give it to her I will just do it myself as I always enjoy sticking things into my slaves asses. Then I will light the candle and tell the slave to enjoy her drink. The sight of a mostly naked slave, kneeling on the floor lapping wine or champagne out of a dog bowl with a lit candle sticking out of her asshole is a beautiful thing indeed. It encompasses so many acts of submission, especially when I bring a guest to observe it. If this particular slave is not against doing things with other women, at this point I will often move things along by having the other woman dip a foot into the dog bowl and then instructing the slave to lick and suck the wine off the other woman’s toes. It should be noted that when it comes to submissive girls there are two kinds that will have physical contact with other women. There are those that do it because they are submissive but would not do it if their Master did not command it, and there are those that do it because they're also curious or know they are bisexual. Slave m did it because she was submissive and knew it was something I liked. She often joked that she believed I enjoyed her performance with other women more than any other slave that was willing to be with other women, because everyone else had expressed a curiosity or a desire to be with other women, but m had made it clear she had no desire, no curiosity, and was quite sure she would never do anything like that if she hadn't decided to be my slave. It's interesting how blogging works sometimes. We started about the importance of a slave being naked and we end up with forced but consensual bisexuality. That's why I love blogging so much!

Assume the Position!

I think it is important for any submissive to learn what their dominant expects when they command “assume the position!”. For my submissives, to assume this position always entails either being naked or mostly naked except for a collar, bending forward, either bending over the arm of a couch or kneeling on the floor head leaning forward to the floor. Their legs should be spread 1 to 2 feet and they must reach back and spread their cheeks. Wherever there head is, either resting on the seat of the couch, or leaning against the floor, it should be turned to one side with their mouth visible and slightly open. In this position they are vulnerable, it is embarrassing and they are fully available for use. This is the position they are expected to be in when I arrive and they know they will be submitting. To remind them of their place I have often brought along other women, either dominant or submissive, and when we entered the room we spoke but did not address the slave for several minutes. I'm not interested in sharing my slaves with other men. I do like to watch women with women. If the woman I'm with has made it very clear that this is a limit she will not cross, then I won't expect her to do perform with another woman, but that does not mean she will not be put on display or forced to perform in front of another woman. I expect my slaves to play with their pussies and assholes and to do so in basically the same way. They are trained to know that if I tell them to play with either, they should suck their fingers, one or two of whichever hand they choose, then rub the outside for a bit, then suck their fingers again, then began to penetrate themselves with their fingers, then pull them out and suck them again, then slide them back in and really began to go in and out more and more quickly and forcefully. They do this until I tell them to stop, at which point they pull them out and lick them and suck them clean. Being able to do this to their asshole is their initial and most basic form of anal training. Now, slaves Kayla and S were very willing and able to perform anally. S. was a little touchy about accepting things to her mouth after they've been in her ass. This was probably a combination of an inhibition and possibly an incomplete trust that I would keep her safe in that particular regard. Eventually she got past that. Perhaps it is my sadistic side, though don't get me wrong I enjoyed it immensely with everybody, but I most enjoyed anal things with m. There were two reasons for this. Part of her was a bit inhibited in this way, but though she was resistant, her body reactions (quick and deeper breathing and a very wet pussy) showed me that these things were not completely distasteful to her. The other reason was throughout our entire time together, for years, her asshole was always tight and sensitive. It always hurt her to shove something big up there, but she always responded by getting soaking wet and more excited than at any other time. She would get so wet it would actually run down her thighs at the same time that she was biting the pillow and begging for mercy. For the other women I was with, they didn't particularly enjoy anal pain, and I guess lucky for them they usually didn’t experience that much of it. They enjoyed the embarrassment and humiliation of being forced to play with their assholes or to have me do things to them. They liked their asshole's being filled up, used, and they could stand the occasional discomfort, but in my experience nobody suffered more or got more turned on by it, than M. I could do just about anything to M, but as I mentioned earlier, it was sometimes tough to get M to do what I wanted her to do on her own. Sometimes I would use this in other ways. I would occasionally bring another submissive to be with M. As I said, M came to eventually do whatever I wanted with anybody I wanted because she was so submissive. I can’t explain why she had so much trouble doing things to herself anally even after she acquiesced about the leash, crawling around and being with other women. So I would bring a submissive who I knew was more anally proficient than M. I would then have them do contests, where the loser would have to do some sort of humiliating act, then orally service the winner and then be punished by the winner and myself. For example, there was the dildo race. I had set up two long wooden boards with dildos of increasing length and width attached to it. The object of this race was for the slaves to start at the end with the smallest rubber cocks. They would kneel over them and they were allowed to use their pussy for three thrusts to lubricate the rubber cock, and then they had to sit their asshole on the cock, take it all the way in until they were sitting on the board, and then thrust up and down three times on the dildo--- violating themselves anally. The winner would be the sub that got the farthest along on the ever-increasing sizes. The winner got to make the loser her bitch, and was orally serviced by the loser. The loser was in for a tough time though. She would receive a severe paddling with a wooden paddle, both by the winner and me. The winner would then strap on a dildo (about the same size she was able to get up to on the board) and pound the loser's ass for 10 minutes. Then I would fuck the winner’s asshole and after I came in it, the winner would kneel over the loser's face and the loser would have to lick the winner’s asshole until she licked all my cum out of it. Then the loser would lick my cock clean. Invariably, M. would lose this game. That was fine with me because she could take a very hard paddling, which I enjoy giving, and because I knew that getting fucked up the ass both hurt and made her so excited, I always enjoyed watching other women strap on big cocks and take her anally. I knew she could take my cock because she’d done so many times, and my cock is fairly big, so I could let the other girl strap on a pretty good size cock without the fear that it would be too much for M.