Monday, May 10, 2010

The Importance of Naked and Not....

Since not all submissives want to live in a 24/7 lifestyle, I need to communicate to them when I expect them to submit. This is because I like a scene to be set from the beginning. Since I like collars and leashes so much, if I leave a collar out or I communicate in some way that they should be wearing a collar, they know what they are in for. We have small designer collars that they know they are supposed to wear if we plan on going out. If they know we are staying in to have one main thick leather slave collar with an O ring that's very prominent and they know that is what they should be wearing. Once they know they will be wearing a collar they will ask me what else they should be wearing. If they are inside it might just be nothing else besides their wrist and ankle cuffs, or possibly stockings and high heeled shoes. If we are going out then it will include what, if any, underwear as well as pants or a skirt or dress. They will ask me how their hair should be. I will often have them tie it back if we are staying in so that I can push it out of the way easily or grab it if I want to pull on it. Often when we go out I will have them wear a skirt or dress with nothing underneath. The only time I will have somewhere assigned underneath his only to send him to the bathroom to take it off and bring it out and hand it to me in public, or to have them use them in some other way as I mentioned in another post. Sometimes I will let them wear a bra, but if there is a reason for them to be punished then they will do so over a pair of nipple clamps. I may also have then wear a thong in order to keep a butt plug in place or a vibrator in their pussy. Usually when we are in, they will remain naked except for collar and cuffs and maybe a leash hanging down. If I have brought over or invited any other women, I will frequently have my slave dress in a French maid apron. This affords the embarrassment of dressing in a demeaning way when they're walking towards us, and the humiliation of being naked when they walk away. Often under these circumstances, I will have the slave serve drinks on a tray. A bottle, 2 glasses and a pet bowl. I will pour the drinks and give the guest her glass and take mine, then I will nod to the slave and she will take her bowl, place it on the floor and kneel down with her naked ass up and her face positioned at the bowl. Usually, at this point I will remark that it would be lovely to drink by candlelight. Often my guest will agree. I will look down ask my slave on the floor and of course she will agree, with something like: “yes sir, I think candlelight would be an excellent idea.” At this point I will get a long slender candle and if I hand it to my kneeling slave she knows to dip it in her pussy to get it wet and then insert it into her asshole deep enough that it will stay put. Sometimes rather than give it to her I will just do it myself as I always enjoy sticking things into my slaves asses. Then I will light the candle and tell the slave to enjoy her drink. The sight of a mostly naked slave, kneeling on the floor lapping wine or champagne out of a dog bowl with a lit candle sticking out of her asshole is a beautiful thing indeed. It encompasses so many acts of submission, especially when I bring a guest to observe it. If this particular slave is not against doing things with other women, at this point I will often move things along by having the other woman dip a foot into the dog bowl and then instructing the slave to lick and suck the wine off the other woman’s toes. It should be noted that when it comes to submissive girls there are two kinds that will have physical contact with other women. There are those that do it because they are submissive but would not do it if their Master did not command it, and there are those that do it because they're also curious or know they are bisexual. Slave m did it because she was submissive and knew it was something I liked. She often joked that she believed I enjoyed her performance with other women more than any other slave that was willing to be with other women, because everyone else had expressed a curiosity or a desire to be with other women, but m had made it clear she had no desire, no curiosity, and was quite sure she would never do anything like that if she hadn't decided to be my slave. It's interesting how blogging works sometimes. We started about the importance of a slave being naked and we end up with forced but consensual bisexuality. That's why I love blogging so much!


  1. I remember the first time my Master demanded I strip in front of him and stand naked before him while he was fully clothed. That was long before I ever called him Master, though I had already been spanked and whipped by him many times. I did not like the idea at first, but once I was standing naked before him I had found myself very excited and he barely had to touch me to see this, or to make me come.

  2. sorry but my dominant wiew point is that the pics are too artistic, so a bad thing for the slave who must understand before everything that whatever be the context, the only way for help her to becoming a better person is to be degraded and debased in any situation, not just for pleasing to his master or mistress, but for his own good. it is the same thing in the cerebral or physical pain when she is punished, she must ever thinked that cry one's eyes out when his master decid is ever for a good reason, in the contrary case, it's a form of disobedience, so the punishment is justified, more than this, also hard that be, progressively but ever more, days after days, like i have already says, if she want becoming a better person.