Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's Your Pleasure?

What do you like to be called?
Slave, bitch, whore, cunt, slut, toilet, or maybe cocksucking whore, asslicking bitch, etc.?
How do you like to address your partner:
Master, Mistress, Sir, Madame, etc.?
I generally prefer calling you a slave or a bitch or a whore or a slut. The name toilet is reserved for those times of intense humiliation where I plan on having a slave tongue clean or face sponge a bathroom or perform some other degrading service. There are specific names or terms that I like to use at particular moments, such as "come here asslicker, on your knees cock sucker or stick your tongue out pussy eating whore." The times when I would use those terms are probably obvious. In my experience, everyone I have been with except for M enjoyed being called names. Although, interestingly, if it went by just how wet their pussy got, M liked the most derogatory terms of: toilet, asslicker and cock sucking whore! The names slave and whore worked well for slave S and slave K. it used to be that I had only thought of the word bitch as a derogatory term to be used when I was fighting. However slave Kayla responded well to bitch as well as whore and somewhat slave also. Then I learned through a discussion about a couple of bisexual women I knew who had nothing to do with me sexually that one of them considered herself the others bitch. I don't know what it was about hearing that story, because using the term with Kayla never really change the way I looked at the word, but something about that conversation made me think of bitch as a much more sexy and attractive term. Although I still almost always initially address a slave as a slave, over the course of time together probably bitch and whore get used as much or more. And of course there are the combination's. I like to ask a lot of questions, and as I've addressed in a post on one of the blogs about how I like a slave to speak, I expect most of the words repeated in the answer. Therefore, when I ask "who's my cock sucking bitch slut?" I expect to hear "I'm your cock sucking bitch Master." If I pull a slave’s face from between my cheeks and ask "do you like cleaning my asshole with your tongue whore?” I expect to be told "yes sir, I love to clean your asshole with my tongue Master!” It took a long time before I could consistently count on am responding the way I want to to what I had to say, and hearing what I wanted to hear from her when she spoke. It took a great deal of time and a great deal of punishment so the process while frustrating was also very enjoyable to me. Often it would take some severe punishment to get how to speak the way I wanted to adapt particular time. Even so, M. would rarely carry it over to the next time and speak the way I wanted her to without a new dose of punishment. It was an exciting process for me, though once she had made that mind shift and started to behave more like a submissive slave, it was probably much easier for her ass, asshole, and nipples. I have to admit I will look for a dominant woman to be with those slaves that are willing, or try to get one sub to dominate another (more about that in another post on one of the 2 blogs). I really enjoy watching one woman standing over a kneeling naked slave, watching her pull her hair as she says to her “who's my ass licking, pussy eating bitch?" Or “Ready to serve our Master you cock sucking whore?”
As for the second part of the question, what do you call someone: I can tell you that I prefer to be called Master or Sir. Have to admit that when I started years ago Master was all I was interested in hearing. M, as I had mentioned, was more resistant to obedience training and while she had no problem submitting to anything I did to her or being punished severely, she had a problem wearing a collar, crawling on the floor, responding to being called a slave and an inability to call me master regularly. Kayla called me master at my suggestion but like M, seemed more comfortable calling me “sir” instead. Over time I have come to appreciate “sir” and will use it often. It also gives a word to use when out in public as I have found that in the real world a lot of submissive women, even those willing to wear designer collars and provocative outfits in public are still uncomfortable saying “Master” where they might be overheard. They are less concerned about saying sir, but I try to make them say it as often as possible in front of strangers, and get them to have to repeat things that can be embarrassing also. I always respect their limits, but if I push the boundaries a bit they cannot be sure what I will say or do in public and this creates a tension that results in a lot of excitement for the sub, which I check on by pulling them into someplace secluded and stick my hand in their pants. It is a direct method, no? It is better than asking the slave what they are feeling; they inevitably say they are nervous but that is part of the scene and if I end it early because of that reaction I have found they are disappointed when we discuss it later. Their pussies, however, never lie. If they are not wet, we move on. If they are...we continue. While I will not make them go naked or perform sexually in public, mostly to not offend strangers or be inappropriate if any younger people are around, I will make them do other things besides call me sir. Often I will make them go bra less and wear a set of nipple clamps instead. They are sure everyone can see what is going on through their shirt though I always choose a shirt that is too loose or thick to be able to tell more than something slightly unusual is going on. It adds a great dimension though because when they call me sir while wearing the clamps they are sure that the combination means everyone can tell exactly what is going on!


  1. I like to be called slave, bitch and cock sucking whore. You have a lot of interesting things here and I like what you write but have you ever dominated another guy? I always have to edit your stuff heavily in my head so that it applies to me. I guarantee if you give it a try, guys know what guys like much better than gurls and a cock gives you something extra to punish. Think about that.

  2. I have heard that girls know what girls like best from lesbians so it does not surprise me that you said the same about guys. However, I have also heard from bi-girls and girls that did things with other girls (because I wanted them to do so), that some girls are good and some are just okay, and it varies just like with guys. I have not dominated another man, but at the request of some Mistresses I know, I have occasionally been present for their male slave punishments to help humiliate them. This was only fair since the Mistresses did the same for me with some of my slaves in the past.

  3. I just found this blog, Sir. You tell us so much about what went on that I can imagine myself doing that. I hope someday it will be real for me. Your slaves are very lucky. The way you talk about them I can't tell if you still see them Master. Do U?
    Slave Donna

  4. I am one of those submissive people that is able to act on things more than discuss them. It was strange for me to be called slave and took a long time to get used to it. Whore and bitch and slut were very uncomfortable. I never even realized that they turned me on a little because I was busy feeling bad about them. Over time I realized my master could not mean anything bad by them because he was so good to me. It took a long while but I can be called anything now. I will always leave what I am called to my master. Slave is fine if I am asked though.

  5. Anonymous (Slave Donna) I do not see these slaves regularly anymore. AT one time or another I had serious relationships with several of them. It was after we moved on, but they had second thoughts that I was able to bring some of them together. Now, I am between serious relationships but because some of them seem to wish they had handled our personal affairs differently, we still have contact while we are between relationships to see if we would like to restart things. In the meantime, we at least know that we are compatible and what each expects, and that we are disease free and safe.