Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Strawberries and Cream

Two subs I have written about, M and Kayla, responded to being forced to taste themselves with extreme excitement. As I mentioned, whether I fucked their pussy or their asshole, they were more than willing to lick my cock clean afterward. And it wasn't just willingness of course, but they responded by getting very, very wet and excited. Slave S, on the other hand, sometimes responded very well to these things and at other times was hesitant. It seemed to do more with what was in her head than what was actually going on. So it seemed natural at some point, since I too enjoyed tasting their assholes and pussies, that we should find some different ways to enjoy these activities that also fulfilled the exchange of control. So, I would have M standing before me naked with her hands chained behind their back and I would have some strawberries arranged on a plate. When we first started with this I would take the strawberries and work them between the lips of her pussy and then hold them up for her to eat out of my hand. Then I would get some more of them wet and I would eat them. Then I would look for a couple of particularly firm strawberries, moisten them in her pussy, then have her turn around and I'd work them into her asshole. I would leave it there a while, then eventually pull it out and have her eat it from my hand. If I had brought along another woman to watch her, then I would simply moisten several strawberries at one time, then arrange them on a plate on the floor, and then she would crawl over and eat all of the strawberries that were in her pussy or asshole at one time. If the other woman was another submissive then I would simply stick strawberries in both their pussies and assholes and then have them eat them out from each other, either one at a time or in a 69 position. Or I would cut the strawberries up in a dog bowl, have one slave lick my asshole while the other sucked on my cock, then pulled my cock out of her mouth and came all over the strawberries in the bowl, and then had them kneel on their hands and knees together and eat the strawberries and cum out of the bowl. However, if only my slave was submissive but the two women were still going to play together, I would moisten the strawberries with the visitor’s pussy or asshole and then feed them to my slave, and also have the girl feed them to my slave. Beyond fruit, which I find, for reasons that are hard to explain, the most appropriate food for this sort of thing, I have to talk about some experiences outside of fruit and outside the home. Slave Kayla loved public acts and Slave M enjoyed them also, but to a lesser degree. They both liked having sex out of the house. Kayla liked having sex in restaurant bathrooms and M liked having sex outside. However, you can read more about that in the erotic humiliation post at the sister blog Training of Submissives. Here I will only say that in the private booths you can get at some Japanese restaurants, with Kayla or M wearing a skirt or dress, with no panties, when we were alone in the booth I would insert whatever food available that seemed appropriate into their pussies, and then we would share it, them eating out of my hand or off the table without them using their hands or utensils.

I would be interested to know the experiences of some of our readers. Is this a turn on, an intriguing part of submission, or something you would avoid?


  1. I tried this myself after reading it. I got on my knees naked and put clothespins on my nipples, rubbed the berrys between my lips and then ate them, imagining my master was standing over me making me do it. OMG I came just from rubbing myself with the berry

  2. When my Master did this to me it was very exciting. I can't imagine doing it to myself though. I ate everything Master offered even when he rubbed it in another slave. My Master loved to see me with other women because he knew it was not an interest of mine. I would be happy to accept anything to be under him again.