Monday, May 10, 2010

Assume the Position!

I think it is important for any submissive to learn what their dominant expects when they command “assume the position!”. For my submissives, to assume this position always entails either being naked or mostly naked except for a collar, bending forward, either bending over the arm of a couch or kneeling on the floor head leaning forward to the floor. Their legs should be spread 1 to 2 feet and they must reach back and spread their cheeks. Wherever there head is, either resting on the seat of the couch, or leaning against the floor, it should be turned to one side with their mouth visible and slightly open. In this position they are vulnerable, it is embarrassing and they are fully available for use. This is the position they are expected to be in when I arrive and they know they will be submitting. To remind them of their place I have often brought along other women, either dominant or submissive, and when we entered the room we spoke but did not address the slave for several minutes. I'm not interested in sharing my slaves with other men. I do like to watch women with women. If the woman I'm with has made it very clear that this is a limit she will not cross, then I won't expect her to do perform with another woman, but that does not mean she will not be put on display or forced to perform in front of another woman. I expect my slaves to play with their pussies and assholes and to do so in basically the same way. They are trained to know that if I tell them to play with either, they should suck their fingers, one or two of whichever hand they choose, then rub the outside for a bit, then suck their fingers again, then began to penetrate themselves with their fingers, then pull them out and suck them again, then slide them back in and really began to go in and out more and more quickly and forcefully. They do this until I tell them to stop, at which point they pull them out and lick them and suck them clean. Being able to do this to their asshole is their initial and most basic form of anal training. Now, slaves Kayla and S were very willing and able to perform anally. S. was a little touchy about accepting things to her mouth after they've been in her ass. This was probably a combination of an inhibition and possibly an incomplete trust that I would keep her safe in that particular regard. Eventually she got past that. Perhaps it is my sadistic side, though don't get me wrong I enjoyed it immensely with everybody, but I most enjoyed anal things with m. There were two reasons for this. Part of her was a bit inhibited in this way, but though she was resistant, her body reactions (quick and deeper breathing and a very wet pussy) showed me that these things were not completely distasteful to her. The other reason was throughout our entire time together, for years, her asshole was always tight and sensitive. It always hurt her to shove something big up there, but she always responded by getting soaking wet and more excited than at any other time. She would get so wet it would actually run down her thighs at the same time that she was biting the pillow and begging for mercy. For the other women I was with, they didn't particularly enjoy anal pain, and I guess lucky for them they usually didn’t experience that much of it. They enjoyed the embarrassment and humiliation of being forced to play with their assholes or to have me do things to them. They liked their asshole's being filled up, used, and they could stand the occasional discomfort, but in my experience nobody suffered more or got more turned on by it, than M. I could do just about anything to M, but as I mentioned earlier, it was sometimes tough to get M to do what I wanted her to do on her own. Sometimes I would use this in other ways. I would occasionally bring another submissive to be with M. As I said, M came to eventually do whatever I wanted with anybody I wanted because she was so submissive. I can’t explain why she had so much trouble doing things to herself anally even after she acquiesced about the leash, crawling around and being with other women. So I would bring a submissive who I knew was more anally proficient than M. I would then have them do contests, where the loser would have to do some sort of humiliating act, then orally service the winner and then be punished by the winner and myself. For example, there was the dildo race. I had set up two long wooden boards with dildos of increasing length and width attached to it. The object of this race was for the slaves to start at the end with the smallest rubber cocks. They would kneel over them and they were allowed to use their pussy for three thrusts to lubricate the rubber cock, and then they had to sit their asshole on the cock, take it all the way in until they were sitting on the board, and then thrust up and down three times on the dildo--- violating themselves anally. The winner would be the sub that got the farthest along on the ever-increasing sizes. The winner got to make the loser her bitch, and was orally serviced by the loser. The loser was in for a tough time though. She would receive a severe paddling with a wooden paddle, both by the winner and me. The winner would then strap on a dildo (about the same size she was able to get up to on the board) and pound the loser's ass for 10 minutes. Then I would fuck the winner’s asshole and after I came in it, the winner would kneel over the loser's face and the loser would have to lick the winner’s asshole until she licked all my cum out of it. Then the loser would lick my cock clean. Invariably, M. would lose this game. That was fine with me because she could take a very hard paddling, which I enjoy giving, and because I knew that getting fucked up the ass both hurt and made her so excited, I always enjoyed watching other women strap on big cocks and take her anally. I knew she could take my cock because she’d done so many times, and my cock is fairly big, so I could let the other girl strap on a pretty good size cock without the fear that it would be too much for M.

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  1. Being made to get into position and remain there still and naked while others were in the room with my Master was one of the most embarrassing things I can remember from the beginning of my submitting. I don't know if my Master would agree, but I remember feeling less embarrassed when another woman would strap on a plastic phallus and take me from behind, vaginally or anally, because she was naked too at that point and she was doing sexual things also. Does that make sense to anyone else?