Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Special Occasions are an Opportunity to Enter Submission...

My first birthday celebration with M, after she showed me her submissive side, and felt my whip across her naked skin, (though before her later commitment to give herself completely to me without any limitation), was an incredible birthday, one of the best I have had as an adult.
Slave M's birthday is a month before mine. For hers, we went to an extremely fine and expensive French restaurant. When it came time for mine she asked where I would like to go for dinner. I informed her that I didn't want to go anywhere, that I wanted her to make me dinner. She said that didn't seem very special and I told her that I knew how she could make it very special. Up to this point we had explored bondage, punishment, and as I had mentioned previously, not so much overt submission. This was back when she was unwilling to even crawl in a collar and on a leash. This was before she allowed another woman to witness her submission, much less take part in it. During this period of our time together she was tied up, spanked and whipped. She had clothes pins and some adjustable clamps on her nipples, and had experienced hot wax on her tits, ass, asshole and pussy. She tongue bathed every part of my body, and would eagerly suck my cock after fucking her pussy or asshole. But she would not speak like a slave, crawl like a slave, get into a slave position, play with her asshole, lick my cum off the floor or the toilet seat, nor had she had weights hung from her nipples, in fact she also had not yet been hung by her nipples (as discussed in my Training of Submissives post about there being more to punishing a slave than whipping…). I decided I wanted to see if she was interested in moving from a willing girlfriend who could take a pretty hard whipping into a slave ready to submit to her master, or at least see if I could move it a little more in that direction . So, when she asked me how she could make my birthday special when she was just going to be cooking me dinner, I explained…. I told her I wanted her to greet me at the door naked, to not expect to have any clothes on the entire night, to expect to be tied tightly, to be well used in any way I could think of and to be punished often and severely. As I said she was pretty compliant but up till that point, but we hadn't really talked about things in this way. I wondered what she would say, but all she said was: “Whatever you want.” Then she asked me what I wanted her to cook that night. I had an idea, and the weather was warm, and I wanted to see where her head was at so instead of saying anything more so I asked if she had any suggestions and she mentioned BBQ. I was very interested that she'd mention this because it was also what I was thinking. The reason I was interested was because she lived in a townhouse that had a little patio out back that had her gas grill on it. It was pretty well enclosed but completely open in the front. I liked the idea of her somehow barbecuing while keeping to my demand that she be naked the entire time. I was hoping this had already crossed her mind before she suggested it, because this was the only reason I found BBQ exciting, and I was kind of hoping this was the reason she suggested it. “You know this is a family community,” she said, “You can wear an apron when you’re outside.” I said. I also said that I would bring the apron that I wanted her to wear when I arrived for my birthday dinner. On my birthday, I got to her front door in the later afternoon and knocked. She opened the door keeping her body hidden behind it, just peeking out with her head. “I don't recall saying you could be dressed by the door either,” I said sternly. She didn't move from out behind the door until I came in and she could close it. “Afraid the neighbors would see you, huh?” I asked with the same stern tone. She responded, “Well, I have to admit I wasn't so comfortable with the idea that my neighbors might see me, but I knew my hiding behind the door would be okay because it would just give you a reason to punish me. And I am also sure, knowing you, that the apron you picked out for me will allow the neighbors to make up for whatever they just missed!" She was right of course. Both that I would now punish her extra hard for doing this, and that my apron would not do much for her modesty. “This apron will put on quite a show for the neighbors,” I said, as I pulled it from my bag and held it up. I showed her the small French Maid apron I picked out. It would cover the front of her hips, and the straps would barely cover her nipples, there was nothing in the back but a simple string to tie it, and I made sure it was a small enough size that there would be no extra material to wrap around and cover any of the sides or the back. “That is why I told you I was coming in the afternoon. I wanted to make sure you were doing the cooking while it was still nice and light outside.” I said with a smile. I knew that as she worked the barbeque, facing the rest of the world through the open front of her patio I could stare at her beautiful naked ass and back. All they would see would be her black-and-white frilly apron and possibly the sides of her beautiful but small breasts. Appropriate enough for any families glancing out, but embarrassing for her in both her nakedness, the embarrassing depiction of her apron, plus the fear that if she forgot and turned around they would see her naked ass, not to mention the occasional nipple peeking out from behind the strap. I found this risky and naked enough for my taste! Of course when she was inside she took off the apron and served and ate dinner naked. After we ate she said it was time for cake and games, but that I had to choose whatever I wanted to do or play. She brought out a cake she had baked for me with 2 candles, one for this year and one for good luck, that were lit and she sang “Happy Birthday.” As she set the tray with the cake down I noticed there was a much longer, thicker, tapered dinner table candle on the tray as well. After I made my wish and blew out the candles, I asked her what that candle was for as she began to cut the cake and place two slices on two small plates. She did not look at me when she answered: “A couple of weeks ago we were laying in bed and I asked you what cake you wanted for your birthday and you said you did not need a cake. I said you like cake and besides we need something to hold the candles while you make your wish. You said, ‘beautiful, if you want to make my birthday wishes, I just want a nice fat candle sticking out of your well reddened butt’. I had planned to give you exactly what you wanted, but I’m sorry, I just could not get it in, and even if I did, I did not know how to walk into the room without looking ridiculous, so…so…you’ll just have to put it in, light it and make your wish.” With that, she picked up the candle, handed it to me, turned her back to me and bent over, grabbing her ankles and sticking her beautiful, full, firm ass right in my face. I took the candle in one hand, and stuck the other hand between her legs. Clearly she was excited by her offer because she was nice and wet and I then worked the fat end of the candle between her lips and thrust it inside her 2 or 3 times. Then I took that nice slippery candle and worked it between her cheeks and into her tight ass. When it was deeply in I got a lighter and lit the candle. I looked at my hot submissive little birthday whore, bent over, lit candle sticking out of her ass, and said: “Aren’t you going to sing again?” I walked around her and saw her eyes were closed, I caressed her face with one hand as she began singing a little softer this time, “Happy Birthday to you….” When she was done I blew out the candle and pulled it out of her asshole. Then we sat down and ate out cake. At one point , before we were done eating, I had her stand up and turn around and I spread her cheeks and started tonguing her asshole, pausing to explain, “I wanted to taste both of my birthday treats.” Then I grabbed her hand, guided it to use her fingers to rub her pussy, then stuck two of her fingers inside her pussy, pulled them out and then stuck them in my mouth and I sucked them clean, “The icing is perfect!” I said. Then we sat back down and finished our cake, which was also wonderful. M was an amazingly accomplished cook for her mid-twenties. When we were done with the cake she said, “If you have any ideas for birthday games or activities, I’ll do whatever you want.” She said, looking down at the floor. I thought for a few minutes and then we played, “Clamp the clothespin on the nipples” Where I had to keep my eyes closed, walk over to her and then reach out and try to close the clothespin on her nipples. I came close a couple of times; clamping them on parts of her tits that caught so little skin it probably hurt as much as if I was right on. We played a ring toss game, where she had these small rings leftover from an old discarded game, and she bent over with the candle sticking out of her ass while I tried to get the rings on it. (This was, by the way, years before they made a retail anal ring toss game.)And we played a number game, where she got a pair of tweezers and I would write down a number between 1 and 10 and she would have to guess and pluck out the right number of her pubic hairs one at a time. If she was right I ate her pussy and if she was wrong, she had to pluck out the right number that I actually wrote down, all with one pull, not individually and ---slowly. Pussy eating or slowly punishing herself---sort of win/win—for me certainly! I could tell that when she had to pull out the larger numbers---it really hurt! Finally, the games were over and I told her that it was time for her to be punished. First I had her simply lay across my lap on a dining chair by the table. I started slow and moderate like I often did but had made a decision that I would spank her as hard as I could which I did not regularly do, and would go much longer than I usually did. She obediently lay across my lap and no matter how long and hard I spanked her she did not try to get up or stop me. A couple of times she reflexively put a hand back to cover her butt, but immediately moved them back out of the way before I could even react , or grab her hand or tell her to move it. She gasped and groaned and writhed around on my lap but did not attempt to stop me or get away. When her ass was nice and pink I motioned her off my lap, then pulled her so she was straddling my waist on the chair and kissed her. While I was kissing her and running my tongue and lips across her mouth, her cheeks, her neck and her breasts, I was squeezing and fondling her warm ass. I worked one hand around to the front and made sure she was nice and wet, which she was. Seeing this I brought my wet fingers to her mouth and she obediently sucked on them and licked them clean as soon as I presented them to her mouth without me having to tell her. Then I nudged her slightly so she would get off my lap and I said to her, "Get the sorority paddle and meet me in the bedroom.” Without saying a word she left the room while I walked towards the bedroom and she met me there with the heavy wood paddle she got when she was in a sorority. When she first showed it to me, she informed me that it had never been used and was more for decoration. After she showed it to me we discussed that it was heavy and looked like it would be very painful and she acknowledged this but said she had always wondered what it would be like to be paddled by that thing and she could tell I was very interested in it when she showed me, so if I ever wanted to use it, she would take whatever I chose to give to her. This was to be the first time I ever used such a severe wooden paddle on M’s ass. Until this time we had just played around with rulers and wooden or plastic paint stirrers. In the bedroom I had planned to tie her spread-eagle on her belly on the bed with a pillow pushing up her butt. Once in there though, I realized the setting absolutely demanded that I bend her over the end of the bed, tied her hands to the two upper corners of the bed and tie her ankles to the two front legs of the bed. Once I’d done this, her ass presented a beautiful target. I went to her dresser drawer and took out a pair of fresh black lace panties. I brought them between her legs and her pussy was soaking wet and it didn't take very long or much pressure to get the panties very wet. Then I rubbed them between her ass cheeks, working two panty wrapped fingers up her asshole. I then took the panties from between her cheeks and walked around and stood by her face. I rolled the panties into a ball and then put them to her mouth. I don't know if her eyes were open and she saw them, or just felt the wet panties at her lips, but she immediately knew what to do and obediently opened her mouth for me to stuff them in as a gag. Then I picked up the paddle and put it to her face and said, “I'm sure this is going to hurt a lot. I'm only going to leave the panties in your mouth for the first couple of strokes while you see how it feels. Since I already warmed up your ass with a spanking there's no reason for me to start easy with this paddle, understand?”She nodded with the black lace panties sticking out of her mouth. I brought the paddle back and I have to admit my first strike was easier than I originally planned. Her gasping grunts and moans let me know it still hurt plenty. I gave her another stroke with more force and she cried out a little around her panty gag. Then I reached over and pulled the gag out of her mouth. "How does the paddle feel?" I asked. “It hurts.” Was all she said. To which I said, "I'm sure. Now, we're going to start with 10 hard strokes” as I said this I heard a soft moan escape from her lips, and wondered if that was because of the 10 strokes or because I said we're going to just start with the strokes, then I continued “and after each stroke you're going to count out the number of that stroke and say thank you, do you understand?" Instead of answering yes she just shook her head a little bit. "Was that supposed to be an answer?" I asked "Yes, it was a yes" she responded. "Next time you'll remember that I like to hear clear answers, and to help you remember, and as punishment for this, we’ll make it 15 hard swats instead of 10, with the last 5 rapidly one after the other. Depending on how you behave during this, we’ll see just how many more you get after the 15, understand?" I asked. "Yes, I understand.” I went back behind her and raised the paddle and brought it down fairly hard on her naked ass. It made a beautiful slapping sound when it connected. I paused but heard nothing. “I see we already forgot that we were supposed to count.” I said sternly. "I'm sorry, one." She responded. I followed up with an angry, "First of all that won't do at all, what were you supposed to say after the number?” “I'm sorry, one thank you.” She responded again. "You got it right, eventually, but that's unacceptable. You'll get that stroke again and you'll have one more added, so we are starting the count over.” I got behind her again raised the paddle and brought it down even harder. She jerked forward against the ropes and gasped before saying “one, thank you.” "Very good. “ I said. Then I brought the paddle up and brought it down very hard against her ass again. "Two, thank you." Her ass was fire red but there were no hints of blistering or bruising that I knew could be coming from some of the videos I had seen. She counted off the rest successfully and when we finished that first set I said, “The next five are going to be too fast for you to thank me so count as fast as you can and try to keep up.” I rubbed the paddle across her sore ass. Then I raised it and saw she took a deep breath, then I brought the paddle down really hard across her ass, raised it brought it down again, then raised it and brought it down again, as she was struggling to keep up with her count while crying out. Her eyes were tightly shut and there were a few tears streaming down her cheeks. After the five were down I rubbed the tears away, leaned over, kissed her cheek, whispered in her ear “ you did wonderfully,”, and kissed her lips. M was smiling a little as I brought my lips to hers. Now I felt like testing her. I stood up and rubbed her ass with my hands and could feel the slight roughness of lightly blistered skin. "That was an excellent start." I said. "Now that you're used to it, your ass looks like it can take another 25 strokes.” I said. “How does that sound?" I asked, and she responded by taking a deep breath and then saying “I’ll take whatever you want.” I got behind her and told her, "Now you start counting at 25 and countdown thanking me after each stroke. If you make any mistakes we start at the beginning and we add five strokes, understand?” I asked. “I understand.” She answered. I brought the paddle down on her ass pretty hard but not quite as hard as before. "25 thank you." "Excellent." I said, then I raised the paddle again and brought it down on her ass a little bit harder. “24 thank you.” After she got down to 20, and I saw that my very willing and very sore lovely submissive was going to take whatever I wanted her to, I said, “I hope you're not disappointed but I'm so excited I can't paddle your ass anymore because I really need to fuck you instead.” She answered, “Whatever you want to do is fine. If you really can't wait I would love you to use me however you want, but if you're just concerned, it's okay, I can handle it if you want to finish the strokes first." I smiled and kissed her and then walked behind her, dropped my pants , and started to shove my cock into her pussy. After I fucked her for a while, I walked around and brought my cock to her mouth and started to fuck her mouth while she was still tied down. When I felt like I was going to cum I pulled out and went back behind her and started to fuck her pussy again. Once my cock was soaking wet, I pulled it out and started rubbing it between her cheeks. I poked her asshole with it, just a little at first, then I thrust my hips and plunged my cock deeply up her ass as she gasped, breathing heavily and pushing her face into the bed. I started rubbing her sore ass with my hands, then spanking it as I took her in the ass, harder and deeper. Then I bent over and reached under her and started to massage her breasts. Then, while still leaning over her, I started to work on untying her wrists. When I finished untying her wrists, I stood up straight and abruptly and a bit roughly pulled my cock out of her ass. I bent down and untied her ankles. I checked my cock and it was clean. I gripped her shoulders and guided her to a standing position, then I told her to kneel down between my legs. She did so and she immediately began to lick my cock clean. When she licked it all over, from my balls to the head of my cock, she then started to suck it. I leaned back that and as always she did an amazing job. I finally allowed myself to cum. She not only swallowed so smoothly while continuing her rhythmic sucking that it would be hard to tell from watching her that I was even cumming, , but she knew to obediently keep sucking and licking out every drop until I finally put my hands to her face sand led her onto the bed to lay next to me. She looked into my eyes, gave me a small kiss on my lips, and then she said "happy birthday.” Soon after we both fell asleep exhausted. Thanks to her giving me a birthday present she knew I really wanted, we set a precedent that night for expanding the boundaries of M’s submission.


  1. Sounds like a great B'day. You guys came up with some cool games. I want to play!

  2. I think about being paddled like that all the time. You were so cruel to tell her she was going to get so many more swats! And she was the perfect slave when she told you she could handle you finishing them all. NICE

  3. A good paddling always puts me in the mood to serve a master, (or a mistress) like the girl's mouth in the pic.