Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bound for Punishment

I like to whip slaves when they are tied or chained down. I know there is something exciting about a girl who bends over and willingly remains in place, no bondage required, just because she wants to serve her Master. Because in the end everything is consensual and they can always ask to stop or use a safe word, in reality there isn't much difference between them being tied and not, but I still like the way it appears when they are tied, and I think it provides an exciting element for the slave as well. I've been told many times that they find it exciting when they are tied down and I believe this is because there is a certain free feeling for a slave giving over control to her Master and this is reinforced by the helplessness of them being tied. Even though they know they can end it whether they are tied up or not, the majority of submissives I have been with liked that helpless feeling. Obviously they don’t’ start having a D/s encounter just to end it, so it has only been the very rarest of circumstances where a submissive has ever felt the need to request less severe treatment but I have never been involved in a scene where they asked to end it completely. I think trust has at least as much to do with bondage as it does with D/s. Trust and familiarity. It could be foolhardy and outright dangerous for a submissive woman to give her control over to a dominant she is not very comfortable with, one that she doesn't know very well and one that she doesn't trust. The danger would be amplified many fold if she allowed herself to be bound helplessly. The same true helpless feeling that they get from actually being tied or chained in a way they can't escape is what provides so much excitement between a slave and her Master, but what provides anxiety and risk when rushed into before the relationship has progressed appropriately to that point.
Because of how attractive it looks and the true control it gives me in the situation, I do like and use various kinds of bondage regularly. However, I have to say when it comes to bondage I can get bored pretty easily. I do like the way it looks to have women tied or chained in various positions. If the positions look a bit uncomfortable or strenuous, I find it a bit more appealing. There are times I enjoy fucking a woman who's tied down. And a woman lying on her stomach, tied in a hogtied position with her hands bound to her ankles makes it very appealing to stand in front of them and shove my cock in their mouth. But I have to admit that in general I don’t use bondage very creatively. I like to tie women down before I punish them. This is either tying them spread eagle on their stomach or back depending on how and what I want to punish, or tying their hands above their head, with or without their ankles tied spread. I may tie their hands above their head with them bent over the edge of a bed, the end of a couch, or over a small table, or I might bend them over something with their hands bound behind their back. I particularly like to tie a slave down when I whip or beat their ass. If I can bend them over something where I can keep their mouth accessible to occasionally walk in front of them and fuck their mouth, all the better. If I want to whip their back and ass I usually like to tie them standing with their hands above their head, or lying on their stomach with their hands tied above their head. Several of the slaves I know prefer to be lying down or bent over something when whipped rather than in a standing position. They say it is easier for them to take more severe punishment if they do not have to worry about standing up. Even though every slave is voluntary, and can ask me to stop if they choose, there is still something I like about seeing a slave tied down with no way to move but to accept their punishment. Several of the submissive girls I've been with have told me one of their favorite things is when their hands are tied behind their back. Early on with the first few relationships I had that involved D/s that would come up in many discussions; how much they really liked their hands tied behind their back. I like the way that looks so it works out well. I particularly like to tie their hands behind their backs when I'm going to punish their nipples and focus on their breasts. M was a big fan of having her hands tied behind her back and just doing that made her wet. She liked to be fucked that way, lying on her back, all that pressure on her arms which she said was uncomfortable but added to the helplessness of the experience. Slave S also get excited from her hands toed behind her back, but prefers to be fucked bent over something. She said this position felt the most helpless, but S also preferred being taken from behind to any other position. S’s ass was perfect for whipping; full and round and firm. She and M had the best asses and were definitely made for whipping, and this made tying them in positions that presented their asses for punishment particularly gratifying.
When I whip a submissive girl’s ass I don't really like their hands tied behind their back, because even though it's above their ass, I worry about striking their hands and it distracts me. I have to say I'm not one of those is a big enthusiast of watching people have their hands or feet punished. Hand slapping and bastinado have never been of interest to me. Certainly, to each their own, I'm sure there's things I like that other people don't find interesting. I have not met a submissive girl that likes to have her hands or feet whipped though, so I'll be interested to see if we get any comments about that. Still, with hands tied behind their back, I have used a small paddle on their ass because it is easier to control where the paddle lands, and also because with the small paddle I was close enough to them to put my hand on their hands and back to keep them pushed down while I aimed my paddle precisely where I wanted it to go. I also like chaining hands to ankles when slaves are in a kneeling position. It keeps their legs spread and their pussy open, their breasts jutting out for any clamps I might want to put on them, and their face is at just the right height for them to kiss and lick my ass or to suck my cock, depending on what I feel like putting in front of them. Though several of the slaves I've been with had small breasts, some had fairly large breasts, such as Kayla and S. However, those with larger breasts never seemed interested in having their breasts tied up. Though I have crisscrossed a rope around their breasts when tying them up, I have never been a big fan of tying tits until they turn purple and look like big fat sausages either. Again, to each their own. I do like to see ropes between a slave’s lips or cheeks, so I will often run a rope between their legs when tying them. I do particularly enjoy the sight of a slave. tied taut by having their limbs tied spread eagle. I have always liked rack scenes in movies and over the years have devised a few rack-like instruments using ropes and wheels. I had a couple of slaves who were particularly interested in this fantasy but in reality it proved to be more problematic. They enjoyed the sensation of being tied so tightly but found the discomfort that came quickly as pressure was applied was not erotic pain at all. I am undecided as to tying slaves hanging upside down. It looks nice in the movies and their head is now at waist height it presents some interesting possibilities, but M, for example, got lightheaded and dizzy pretty easily and could never stand that position for long. From what I knew about their constitutions, I'm pretty sure that Kayla could not handle it either. Possibly K and S could, but I don't think anyone else that has submitted to me regularly could take that position for very long. I don’t think S would have enjoyed that position though, and K was ready for anything. I have seen people get tied up with one leg on the ground and one leg tied off the ground and it seems very uncomfortable and then they get whipped or caned. I do not understand the particular interest in that either.
As for how long I have kept slaves tied, it depends on the position, material used, and tightness of the bondage. K, being a masochist, never complained. Therefore it was important to assess tightness, and ask her questions. If tied tightly, the blood gets cut off and over time that will not be safe. If they are wearing loose to snug but comfortable cuffs, I can chain them spread-eagle and leave them like that for hours. I never leave them alone of course when in bondage as that could be dangerous if an emergency comes up, but I may go about my business, ignoring them, except when the mood strikes me to climb on top of them and use them for a while. How In use them will depend if they are tied on their back or stomach, and if they are tied for my enjoyment or also for their punishment. If they are being punished I might only use their pussy a little just to provide lubrication before taking their ass, or I may spend more time in their mouth or with my ass sitting on their mouth while I reach below and pinch and twist their nipples. I might play with their pussy, but just enough to keep them wet and then stop to keep them frustrated. They won’t cum until after the punishment.
I love the way it looks to have a slave tied standing with their hands above their head, and as I mentioned I enjoy whipping them this way especially with a bullwhip, lunge whip or other longer whips. If I am going to use a dressage whip or cane or paddle I prefer a position that emphasizes their ass a bit more. M enjoyed being tied standing with her hands above her head, whereas S preferred any position but lying down or kneeling, K never expressed a preference but Kayla, like M, enjoyed most positions. Are you fit to be tied?


  1. I love being tied up!
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