Sunday, July 4, 2010

Entering as a Submissive....

When I have a new slave before me I will have them display themselves the same ways I choose to have experienced slaves perform. The difference is I don't expect them to necessarily speak and behave the way I would like them to an expected train them to but I like to see how close or far away from that point we are starting. I will give you a couple of examples of slaves when they first displayed themselves to me and then after they had been trained, so you can see the difference.
When a slave is to present themselves, they will be naked except for a collar and possibly wrist and ankle cuffs. They will stand before me not kneel, and they will show and talk about different parts of their body and what it's good for in terms of their master.

I remember the first time slave S. Displayed herself to me. She had just declared that she wanted to serve me as my slave and she was standing there naked before me wearing a thick black leather slave collar. I asked her "whose body is that slave?" As I pointed to her naked body. "It's yours master." She replied. "Very good slave. So tell me about your body and what it's good for."
"My body is here to serve my master. I have a mouth a pussy and asshole to make his cock feel good. I have a butt to whip and nipples to clamp when my master wants to punish me." She had nothing more to say as she looked at me and smiled.
"That's a good start slave but totally inadequate. Your initiation will be training in how to handle this very basic exercise. "
We began her training with her mouth. I shackled her wrists behind her back and placed adjustable nipple clamps loosely on her nipples. "You will introduce each part of your body separately. When it is a part that can serve your master, you'll begin your performance by explaining that that's what its purpose is. You will choose the way to display that part that seems appropriate. Think carefully about how you want to say things because you're about to discuss your mouth and if it is not up to my standards I will begin to tighten the clamps. D0 you understand me slave?"
“I do master.” “Then begin.” I responded.
“This is your slave’s mouth.” She said then opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out slightly before closing her mouth and continuing. “Its purpose is to suck her masters cock." She looked at me with her hands tied behind her back.
"Again slave, that won't do at all." I reached out to the clamps and gave each one two full turns. Loose clamps suddenly became snug ones. ”You mean to tell me that after all this time serving me, even before we called ourselves master and slave, all your mouth is good for is sucking my cock?”
“No sir.”
“Why do you kiss me slut?”
“You said you like kissing me master.” She responded.
“Then it is for my pleasure?” I asked.
“Yes master.”
“Then take a moment to figure it out to slave because soon those clamps are going to be very, very painful.”
She thought a moment and then began speaking again, “this is your slave’s mouth. “ She said then opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and then continued. “Its purpose is to please and serve my master. It's there to suck his cock, swallow his cum, lick anything off of anything or out of anything, to clean and pleasure my master's asshole, to soothe and pleasure and excite his balls. I will use my mouth however my master sees fit and will swallow anything master chooses to put in there.” This time she did not smile when she was finished but I did.
“That was excellent slave you're an amazingly fast learner. I would be disappointed that your nipples did not receive harsher treatment, except we're far from done. It will be interesting to see if you've learned enough from this one experience to avoid much more punishment." I thought a moment and then reached behind her and unhooked one wrist from the other. “Now turn around and tell me about your asshole.”
She turned around, bent over a little, then reached back and spread her cheeks. She then turned her head back towards me and said: “this is your slaves asshole. Its purpose is for master to take his pleasure fucking me there.”
“Stand straight.” I said and she did so with her back facing me. I clipped her two Wrist cuffs together again. Then I grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. I began to tighten the nipple clamps two more turns, as I said: “you'd better think about everything you and I have done to that asshole quickly we won't be able to wear a bra or shirt without your nipples screaming out in agony for the rest of the week!”
“Yes master.” She said obviously feeling the pain in her nipples. I unhooked her wrist cuffs again, she turned around, bent over and spread her cheeks again.
“This is your slave’s asshole. Its purpose is to serve her master. It's there to be fucked by master's cock, licked by master's tongue when he chooses, touched and penetrated by Master's fingers when he chooses, it's there to take anything master wants to into it, no matter how large, it's there for master slave to play with her asshole for her masters entertainment, and to shove plugs, whip handles, and dildos into it also for my master's amusement. It is there to be a candle holder, or to hold anything else my master chooses. MY asshole is for my master to use and punish n any way he sees ft.” Slave S stopped speaking at that point.
I told her to stand up and turn around as I walked to her. I kissed her, smiled, and removed her nipple clamps. We both got a reward for that wonderful performance, she got the clamps off, and I got to see the look on her face at that first moment when the pain shot through her nipples before the relief set in.
“That was excellent slave. It is remarkable to me how quickly you adjust. You are an incredible slave, I'm sure it's not all motivation from the nipple clamps.”
"Not from the clamps, no. They actually make it a little difficult. Once I understand what you want to hear it's not a problem at all to know what to say.”

Slave S was perhaps the quickest learner. Slave Kayla was perhaps the most eager to speak like this. I will give you some examples. Then we'll talk about slave M, who was perhaps the most resistant and therefore when she came around, the most improved. Slave K. was the least able to accomplish these tasks, but that is because, I believe, she was much more invested in taking the punishment and performing like a slave and never seemed as interested in speaking like one. She preferred to be degraded by me or her young mistress as opposed to doing anything to humiliate herself. Unlike M, initially she had no problem touching herself for my pleasure. In her case, once she's saw that I like to punish girls, ultimately as severely as they can take, her thoughts turned from being obedient to being disobedient.
Kayla was very willing to speak like a slave. Her problem was she wasn't very creative and punishment didn't seem to motivate a better response. So she was pretty good to begin with and she got no better as we went along. This was disappointing but at least I got to punishment her a lot for it. Which probably brings me to a topic for another post. I like to punish girls because I enjoy it. So if I punish them just for fun that's fine, and if I punish them because they did something wrong and they like that fantasy--- that's great too. I also enjoy punishing them when they need to improve at something. However, with Kayla I learned that when you punish a slave and they don't get any better, it actually diminishes the enjoyment of the punishment. In those cases, I found it was better to make a set punishment and then just move on. But let me tell you about the first time I had Kayla present herself. I had discussed it with her already more than I had with others. I did this partially because I knew her best chance was her first shot.
She stood before me naked, in collar and cuffs .
“This is your slave’s hair” she said brushing her hair with her hand. “It is for Master to pull on when he wants to direct his slave.” Then she sucked on her finger and as she pulled it out she said, “this is your slaves mouth, it is for my master's enjoyment. It will lick or suck anything he desires. He can use it in any way he sees fit.” She roamed her hands down to her large firm breasts. She started to squeeze her nipples. “These are your slaves nipples. They are there for master to suck on or bite, to pinch and twist. My nipples are there for you to torture. Hurt my tits anyway you like.” Then she roamed her hands down to her pussy and spread her legs a little. She went completely clean shaven. “This is your slaves pussy to fuck it, eat it or for either of us to play with.” Then she turned around and rubbed one hand along the top of her back: “this is your slaves back, and it is there to be whipped. When master thinks I should be punished, he can whip my back as much as he whips my ass.” I took this as a hint that she wanted her back whipped more, even though it was rather subtle, no? Then she brought her hands down to her butt. “This is your slave’s ass. Master should whip, paddle and cane it regularly.” Then she bent over a little, spread her cheeks, licked one finger and put it in her asshole and said, “this is your slave’s asshole. Master should fuck it and lick it regularly, and Master also likes when his slaves touches her asshole, or when she puts plugs up her own ass at Master’s word.”
As you can see Kayla did an okay job. It was very good for a first try, but she didn't take suggestions well, so after a while I tried no longer to guide her, but simply would tell her try to do better or come up with more things, and then I would punish her.
When it comes to slave M, as I mentioned she was very resistant to these things after we started to enjoy her submissiveness and ability to withstand punishment. Finally, when she wanted to try and take our relationship to a new level, as I have discussed on these blogs, she made it clear she would do anything I wanted, no longer a restriction on being with other women, and no desire to impose any limits on me, besides what she said was her “trust in my care for her and my good sense” that I would not do anything too terrible to her. Clearly she got what she expected because it was I who decided we needed to break up over emotional issues completely separate from our incredible sex life. Whenever we would run into each other after that she made it clear she wished we were still together. Anyway, after it was clear M was submissive and willing to accept my punishment, it was also clear that she would not willingly say submissive things, or do some submissive acts like touch her own asshole in an erotic way. It was clear when she started to make a shift away from this stance, and you can read about that Training of Submissive post ”Training to Serve.” Soon after the events of that post occurred and we had some discussions about our relationship, she declared her desire to be my slave and to serve me with no limits or reservation. I tried to get at whether she understood just how severely she might be punished or what acts she might be made to do? I offered to show her some movies with some of the things I planned. She refused in her own words: “if you want me to watch the movies, I will do so because I have tried to make it clear I will do anything for you. However, as you know I don't like to watch porn. So if you want to watch it for my benefit it’s not necessary. I don't need to know what to expect because I've told you to do whatever you want. I will take whatever you want me to take, I'll do whatever you want me to do, and I accept that the only limits will be drawn from your care for me and your own good sense.”
It was not long after we had this discussion that she found herself standing before me naked wearing a thick black leather collar and black leather wrist and ankle cuffs. As I knew she could handle the punishment and as I did enjoy punishing her a lot, I gave her very little guidance as to what she was expected to do when I asked her to present herself. The first time went something like this:
“Present yourself to me slave.” I commanded.
“I am your slave. To the rest of the world I go by**** (M), but to you I am slave, whore, bitch, slut, and many others.” I knew it was embarrassing for her to mention those, but she stopped short of so many others, so I interrupted.
“As long as you're making a list----what are the others, I want to hear them!”
“M looked a little uncomfortable as she considered some of the other names we had used , then she continued, for my Master, I am also ass licker, cock sucker, toilet, cunt, pussy-eater, and anything else he should come up with.” She looked at me to see if I could think of any others, but I was satisfied. Then she continued , “My body exists to serve you. It exist s to please you and for you to punish. Please use me Master.”
When she finished I walked up to her and as I gave her a kiss I reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy. It was soaking wet. Then I said, “That was excellent slave. I really enjoyed it and found it quite exciting. Everything you said was great but it was also completely inadequate. I had plans to punish you harshly for the very first misstep, but I have to admit you did much better than I imagined because I know it's difficult for you to say those kinds of things. Therefore I'm going to give you a little guidance and put off the punishment until your next mistake.”
She looked into my eyes and said: “thank you Master.”
I explained to M that while it was in theory enough that she was offering me everything, she needed to give me all of the embarrassingly specific details. She needed to give me a tour of her body. That was all the guidance I chose to give her at that point.
“Present yourself against slut.”
She repeated her introduction, but left out the last sentence of please use me. Instead she paused and then asked me “is there any place I should start in particular?”
“It's your job to present slave; therefore it's your choice how to start. I would go from top to bottom or bottom to top just so that you don't take the chance of leaving something out that you will be punished harshly for later.”
“Thank you Master.” She paused another moment, then continued. “This is your slave's hair, it is there to be made up however master wants . These are your slave's eyes, they are to look wherever Master would like.” I interrupted before she could continue,.
“Listen, you got a lot of stuff to cover, and I'm fond of all of it and I think it's all beautiful, but if we try to cover it all we will lose the mood or be here all night. So amazingly, I'm still so impressed with your motivation that although I'm considering punishing you for this misstep, I am also going to give you another suggestion. Stick to the parts of your body that experience use, pleasure or pain during the D/s part of our relationship. Now try again, and any other hints you need are going to come with punishment, which will probably include some punishment for this hint as well.”
I could see she was thinking about what to say as soon as I finished talking. I gave her a moment then told how to present herself yet again.
Once again she introduced herself although she sort of sped through all our little “pet names”. I made a mental note to punish her for that. It was her fault she had to keep going over them, and nobody told her she could rush. Finally she was up to her body once again!
She grabbed two handfuls of her long thick brown hair and pulled it forward to the sides of her face. “This is your slave's hair, it exists for you to pull on when you want to direct your slave, and hold when you want.” She released her hair and went to her mouth and opened and closed it. “This is your slave's mouth. It exists to be used in any way Master would like.” But she moved her hands to her breasts, but instead of touching them or rubbing them sort of pointed to them with the index finger of each hand. These are your slave's breasts. They are there for master to look at, to use however he wants, and to punish.” She moved her hand down her body to between her legs. She did not touch herself but spread her legs a little. “This is your slave's vagina. It exists for master’s pleasure.” She turned around, “this is your slaves back, Master uses it to punish his slave. She brought her hands down near her ass. “This is your slaves butt. Master uses that to punish his slave most of all. She paused a moment, I could see she took a deep breath, then she bent over a little and reached back and spread her cheeks exposing her asshole, “this is also for master's pleasure.” She stood up and turned around and then looked down at the ground.
“Tell me slave, how do you think you did?”
“I think I did okay, but what matters is what you think.”
“Okay. You're very smart slave. What do you think your Master thought of that?”
“I suspect I should've been more detailed. I also have a sneaking suspicion that Master would prefer I use different words sometimes.”
“Very good slave. You're quite right. There is an unwillingness here that was barely tolerable in my submissive girlfriend, but that has no place with my slave. I'm going to punish you now. Then I'm going to let you try again. I want you to pay careful attention to anything I may choose to say, and I also want you to note the severity of the punishment. I want you to note it because however severe you may think it is, I want you to know that if your next attempt is not successful the punishment will be 10 times worse. Now crawl into position.”
She crawled over to the side of the couch, stood up, then bent over the arm of the couch, reached back and spread the cheeks of her ass, and waited. She was only wearing a collar at that point so I told her to stand up and I handed her wrist and ankle cuffs for her to put on. She did so and then got back into position. I grabbed her arms and pulled them above her head, snapped the cuffs together and then tie a rope to then have landed to the other end of the couch so she was pulled tightly. I then bound each ankle to the legs of the couch. I showed her a rattan came, a thick wooden paddle with holes in it, and a huge rubber dildo bigger than her Master's cock. Then I showed her a pair of adjustable clamps that were already adjusted to be extremely tight on her nipples. I reached under her and snapped them on. I told her it was not necessary for her to thank me or count the strokes as I plan to beat her so severely and quickly that she will probably be too busy screaming and begging for mercy.
I gave her about 30 strokes with the cane and 20 hard ones with the paddle. She took them well and there was actually no screaming or begging, just some grunting and moaning at each stroke towards the end. Then I said to her, “this ass really was made to be whipped, caned, paddled, and punished quite severely. Then I worked one hand between her cheeks, as I started to work a couple of fingers into her asshole I said, “I do enjoy seeing things go up your asshole. Whether for punishment or pleasure or my entertainment, I think that's one of the things that the asshole of a beautiful slave like you was meant for. Now of course, you are to be punished, so we’re going to put something very big up your asshole.” I took the big rubber cock and presented it to her face and she knew it was in her best interest to lick it and suck on it and make it wet even without my command. When I'd seen enough I brought it to her pussy and fucked her with it until it was well lubricated, and then kept fucking her pussy. I gave her extra time with the dildo because I wanted to talk to her a bit while I played with her pussy.
“Your pussy is always so warm, wet and inviting. I love when a pussy is played with. I find it very entertaining. And while I'm not into punishing pussies, when a slave has a nicely trimmed pussy like yours, I can't help but sometimes pull on the hairs, or even better---make the slave do it, for some punishment.” I said as I tugged on a small tuft of her pubic hair. She moaned because that was another kind of pain she found very exciting. I rubbed her clit while tugging on her pubic hair, she been trying so hard to please me I wanted her to feel good. I kept rubbing her and finally decided to let her cum. Her pussy was soaked now. After she was finished with her orgasm, I pushed the rubber cock back in there a few times to make sure it was very wet. Then I worked it between her cheeks and started to shove it up her asshole. She buried her face in the couch cushion, and started screeching a bit as the thick shaft was swallowed by her tight ass. When it was mostly in, I started to move it in and out, fucking her asshole with the huge cock. Then I slipped it out and made sure it was clean before I brought it to her mouth and told her, “Clean your ass off this cock, bitch!” And as usual she obediently licked and sucked. Then from behind her I rammed my throbbing cock into her soaking wet pussy started to fuck her. I told her she could come again but she needed to let me know when she was going to. Once she told me she was getting very close , I reached under her and pulled off the nipple clamps. She let out a scream of pleasure and pain as few things enhanced her orgasm as when I was able to release clamps off her nipples at just the right moment. She said the pain shot directly into her pussy as a jolt of pleasure.
I pulled my cock out of her pussy and walked by her face and she obediently started to lick and suck my cock clean. While she did that I said o her, “I hope you learned something from that, slave! I guess we'll find that out in a couple of minutes when you try again.”
“Yes Master. I hope I learned well. I don’t even want to imagine what a ten time’s worse punishment would be like!”
“They make a big fat dildo with rubber spikes. Did you know that? I have heard from slaves that it is not bad once they are getting fucked, but getting it into their asshole is pure agony.” I remarked.
‘Tell me you did not buy one of those, please!” She sounded genuinely concerned, something I rarely heard in her voice no matter what punishments I was describing or threatening.
“I was just telling you about it. I didn’t say I bought one…yet.” A funny thing about M, she was more aroused by anal pain more than any other slave I knew, but she was fearful of it and never fully embraced it. She never actually told me how excited it made her, even though it was during hard anal sex that her already wet pussy got so wet it would run down her thighs.
Moments later she was standing naked before me. She introduced herself again, and this time did not rush at all. She tried to come up with any slave name I might ever have called her at any time. Finally, there was no creative and entertaining way for her to put it off any longer. She faced me and grabbed her hair and began. I will tell you that she did much better, and did not earn the much more severe punishment that day, and from that point on, though progress was a little slow, she progressed regularly, so I am going to break from that direct narrative to record here one of her slave presentations from a couple of months after this event, when she was well practiced and trained. It took many sessions of performance and punishment before she was comfortable handling this the way I wanted. She was a smart girl and I suspect she knew from the very beginning what I wanted to hear, and how I wanted her to present, but though by this point she was committed to being the best slave she could be, she still had to get past her inhibitions. Though I am jumping ahead a bit, I thought you would find it more interesting if I show you the culmination of her training in this area, and then I will return to that particular day again. Just a couple of months after we began this aspect of her submission, she was able to present herself like this:
“This is your slave’s hair. It belongs to my Master and it exists for Master to grab it, hold it or pull on it. He might pull on it to control his slave, or to hurt her, it is my Master’s choice.” Then she brought her hand to her mouth and sucked on her finger, and when it was wet she took it out of her mouth and rubbed it around her lips making them moist and shiny.
“This is your slave’s mouth. It belongs to my Master and her lips exist to kiss whatever Master desires. Her tongue exits to lick anything Master wants licked. This might be his cock and his balls, it might be to use her slave’s tongue to clean and tease Master’s asshole, Master might have his slave use her tongue to lap champagne out of a dog bowl, clean his cum off the floor, lick the dirt off his shoes, or clean his toilet. Master might have his slave use her tongue to eat another woman’s pussy, or to lick a woman’s asshole, or just to kiss another woman for my Master’s entertainment. This slave’s mouth and throat exist to suck Master’s cock, to take his cock deep down her throat, to swallow Master’s cum, and to do whatever else Master commands.” When she was done there clearly was very little left unsaid about this slave’s mouth! Then she roamed her hands down to her breasts and started to rub her palms across hem. Then she settled at her nipples and began to pinch them both between the fingers of each hand.
“These are your slave’s tits, Master. They belong to my Master and they are for my Master to look at, to kiss and lick, to fondle, or handle roughly. This slave can play with her tits for her Master’s entertainment, or they can be licked and sucked by another woman to entertain my Master. They are also excellent to punish and torture because the nipples are so sensitive. They are a good place to pour hot wax. My tits make excellent pin cushions, and they can be beat with a whip or crop very effectively. Clamps can be placed all over them, though clamps seem most effective, that is they provide this slave with the most pain, when placed onto this slave’s nipples. Tight clamps, weighted clamps and pins all can torture this slave’s nipples for her Master’s pleasure. Please hurt my nipples Master” She roamed her hands down to her pussy, spread her legs a little, and rubbed her pussy with her hand a couple of times before inserting a finger and keeping it there while she began speaking again,
“This is your slave’s pussy. It belongs to my Master and it exists to be used and fucked by my Master. It will always take good care of my Master’s cock. It provides lubrication for Master when he wants to shove his cock, or other large things up his slave’s asshole, or when he wants to see his slave clean a pussy soaked cock, dildo, or finger when no other woman’s pussy is around for him to have his slave service. Master’s slave keeps her pussy hair trimmed but not shaved completely, as Master has commanded, so that Master can punish his slave by pulling out these hairs, or making his slave do it to herself for Master’s entertainment. Then M turned around and reached behind her and rubbed her back,
“This is your slave’s back. It belongs to my Master and it exists to be whipped for your slave’s punishment or her Master’s amusement.” She brought her hand lower and rubbed her butt,
“This is your slave’s ass. It belongs to my Master and it exists for Master to punish, beat and torture his slave. It is excellent to spank, whip, cane, paddle, pour hot wax on, or use as a pin cushion. Please hurt my ass Master.” Then she bent over and spread her cheeks,
“This is your slave’s asshole. It belongs to my Master and it exists for my Master to use, to punish and to torture. Your slave’s asshole is excellent to fuck because it is so tight and will always take good care of my Master’s cock. It is a good place to shove anything Master wants, especially very big things when Master wants to hurt and punish his slave, and also big things strapped onto other women when he wants to punish and humiliate his slave. This asshole is also good for your slave to touch, penetrate with her fingers and play with for my Master’s entertainment. Please use and hurt my asshole Master.” She remained in that position, bent over with her hands spreading her cheeks, in her slave and waited for me to speak.
“That was excellent slave. Very exciting. Well done. It makes me want to use and punish every inch of your body right now.”
“Mmmmmm, thank you Master.” She purred. “Please give in to those desires right now.” She said still bent over and spreading her cheeks but with her head turned towards me as much as she could.
“I believe I will slave. Resume your position at the couch.” She got on her hands and knees and crawled over to the end of the couch and got back into her position.
“Spread your cheeks wider slave.” She did so and then I said, “you know what I'm looking at now slave?”
"I presume your slaves exposed asshole and pussy, Master.”
“Her beautiful asshole and pussy , quite exposed, yes.”
“Do you know why I'm staring so intently at them slave?”
“I imagine you plan on using them or hurting them, or probably both Master.”
“You’re right slave. How do you feel about that?”
“Anything you want is wonderful Master. Please use and hurt my asshole and pussy.”
I reached under her between her legs and grabbed some pubic hair and pulled hard. She gasped, and then I said, “you know slave, mostly I don't her pussies, not really interested in that. So while I plan on using your pussy and your asshole, you do understand what that means don't you”
“Yes master. You'll be focused on hurting my asshole.”
“And how does that make you feel slave?”
“Excited and scared Master.”
“I see.” As I said that I took her from behind, plunging my cock deep into her wet pussy. She was soaked, both from her performance, and from the thought of what I might do to her asshole now. Well I thought I reached under her and grabbed her nipples with both my hands and squeezed and twisted while I pounded her pussy until she screamed that she was cumming. After her orgasm subsided, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and I could see her bury her face in the couch cushion getting ready for what she knew was coming. I plunged my cock into her tight asshole and started taking her hard and deep. Well I did that I reached between her legs and massaged her clit. M. was a very multi-orgasmic and it did not take very long of this dual stimulation before she was screaming in orgasm again. This time when it subsided, I slowly withdrew my cock, checked it, and grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her to a standing position. I dragged her over to the couch by her hair, then sat on the couch and told her to kneel between my legs and clean my cock. I told her when she was done I would be putting her over my lap for a spanking in and then would tie her standing for a very severe bull whipping of her back and ass. However, after a little licking she went right to deep sucking. Then she started to play with my balls with one of her hands. She seemed intent on tasting my cum and I felt little choice but to give into her. Moments later I shot my load deep into the back of her throat. She obediently sucked out every last drop before removing her mouth. She licked the tip a couple of times and looked up at me.
“Tell me whore, did I tell you to make me cum? Did I tell you I planned to cum in your mouth right then?”
“No Master. I suddenly felt a strong need to taste your cum and to feel your cock shoot its hot load into my throat. I know I should be punished for that Master.”
“And you shall be slave, but not right now. I think we need some rest first.”


  1. O texto está ótimo.
    as imagens também.

    Só falta colocar um TRANSLATE para algumas linguas.

    vou te seguir.


  2. Obrigado. Eu don; t tem as habilidades de língua para fazer muito sobre a tradução. Contente você gosta d embora.

    Thank you. I don;t have the language skills to do much about the translation. Glad you like it though.