Thursday, July 15, 2010

When Company Calls....

When you are not just a couple, but you are also into D/s, how do you handle company? That depends on the couple and on the company. I can tell you that when I was with a particular slave, how we chose to handle various situations. I will try to tell you about different slaves I'd been with at various times and about the different people that came to visit. And of course it mattered why they came to visit in the first place.
Whenever company visited, and they knew nothing of our relationship of whoever I was with at the time, I would have to make a choice as to how we would handle it. If they were close family of my slave, then we would usually completely abandon all D/s. If they were friends and not too much older than our generation, then we might observe certain niceties like her was addressing me as ‘sir ‘and her wearing a slim dog collar. If they were friends of our age and knew of our intimate relationship it would depend on the mix. Since I don't feel the need to share my slave with other men, if other men were present the farthest we would go if she might dress a little more provocatively, where a slightly thicker collar and act a bit more deferential as well as saying ‘sir’. If it was only her girlfriends present, and they know a lot about us, then we would discuss what boundaries we would cross based on the desire not to offend any guests. Sometimes she would have a girlfriend or two that she would confide in completely who would then express either concern or interest and curiosity about this chosen lifestyle of hers. If it was concern she would just discuss that she was happy and everything was consensual and she would never give any more detail. It was interest and curiosity she would offer a peek into her lifestyle. I found was the youngest slaves and their youngest friends, meaning early to mid-20s, and then the older slaves and the older friends, meaning late 30s into the 40’s, the friends were most interested in being allowed to learn and see Whatever they could. It was the late 20s through the mid-30s where people seemed the most uptight. Interestingly, possibly evolutionarily, that's when most of them were looking to establish households and build a family, and maybe at that point there is no room for wild activities. Those starting out and those finishing up these kinds of activities seem to be most open to exploration.
If a female friend or two expressed true interest and /or curiosity, they were told that they could observe out lifestyle without taking part or with taking part only to the degree they were comfortable with. There were a few times when we found some girlfriends who were eager to jump at the chance and we allowed them to do so.
After M had decided to submit to me completely, she had 2 friends that were interested, at different times, in learning more about what she did. One of them was married and stayed with M a few weeks when she was having marital trouble. The other was a friend who never married who was interested in many things. Eventually, that friend, we will call R, ended up joining M and I in a variety of ways. M’s other friend, we’ll call N, wanted to continue to learn, but never participated in any way beyond what I will mention now. N was interested and after hearing about it all asked if she could watch M get punished. I agreed and M was ordered to strip naked and forced to wear only her collar and cuffs and crawl around the house for the hour before her punishment was scheduled. She did not seem to have much trouble with any of this, but M definitely seemed hesitant when her friends spilled a little wine on the tile floor, and I made M lick it up. I informed M that her hesitation would necessitate a harsher punishment. When the time came she was tied with her arms above her head from a ceiling hook while she was whipped on her back and ass an unspecified amount with a mini lunge whip, then she was tied down over the end of the couch and caned and wooden paddled on her ass, 25 times each. I informed her that it would have been 20 without the hesitation! After each one of those strokes she was required to count and say ‘thank you Master, please beat my ass harder’. N seemed quite excited by the tableau and after we had all gone to bed, with N on the pullout couch in the living room, we were sure we heard N moaning, and we quietly listened at the bedroom door and heard N say “yes Master, I’ll do anything you say, please don’t whip me anymore!” And then stifled cries as she seemed to orgasm. N never said anything the next day about what she’d seen, nor brought it up in front of me again.
M did not tell me for many weeks that when I was not around right before N left, N asked M if she would do anything I commanded including perform orals ex on another woman. M said she would. N said she wondered what that would be like, but did not want me involved and asked if M would perform oral sex on N and let N do the same to her when I was not around? M refused and told N she had no interest in being with another woman and only would do these things for me. Afterwards, it turned out that M and N did not talk regularly for almost a year, because of N, who I assume was embarrassed by that discussion, then N started communicating more often again but never mentioned any of this ever again.

Although it began much similarly it was a much different experience with R. R came to spend a few days she had off with M.
We usually did things at M’s place but she had R staying over. M was supposed to come over to me but she was uncomfortable staying overnight when she had a guest. When they would speak, apparently R was a bit frustrated these days with her lack in relationships and paucity of a sex life. R was young and attractive like M, though not as pretty as M, and I could only assume it was where she chose to meet people or her sarcastic personality that hindered her. As they spoke and R saw things were interesting between M and me, her questions turned more to our personal lives and eventually M opened up to R more than I would have expected. R asked M if she could find out more and M said she should speak to me. R did, and seemed to know a lot about our relationship. “Since you know so much I am not sure why M sent you to me.” I told R.
“I think it was when I asked how you do things together, and she told me and I was having trouble imagining it and…”
“And you wondered if you could…see firsthand?” I asked.
“Well, I know it sounds strange. It would be like asking a couple if I could watch them have sex…but that is not what I meant…exactly… I mean…well…umm….”
“I see you are interested, but tell me how interested. I can understand that you want to see how M serves and gets punished, but is there more you would like?” I asked.
“Yes. It sounds so…strange…yet strangely exciting…. don’t know…it makes me think…it sounds interesting and…exciting…and…I just don’t…understand… how she does it, what you want, why it is making me….” She trailed off.
“Excited?” I asked.
“Yes.” She answered. “Why, I don’t understand. M matter of factly says she does whatever you tell her without question, she gets whipped and paddled, she has to do embarrassing things, and all I can do is think how lucky she is. I asked her what would happen if I wasn’t here now, and she says if you wanted she would get naked and be whipped, even when I am here! But you would not want to make her friend uncomfortable! And all I can think is I wish someone would do that to me! I asked her what else you made her do, and it took a while to get her to open up but I could not let it go and finally she told me about licking your cum out of a dog dish, about doing things to other women, about doing things outside and all I could think of is I want that! I feel so ashamed, when she said you made her do things with other women, and she would not say what those things were, but while she said it I imagined you making her do things to me! I excused myself to the bathroom and actually masturbated! I imagined you made her eat me and she did such a good job that you ordered me to reciprocate, and when I refused you tied me down and whipped me until I finally acquiesced and ate her pussy too! I nearly came so hard I was afraid she would hear me! I’m so embarrassed!” She stopped talking then.
“I am sure you are, yet you would confide all these embarrassing details to her boyfriend so I can only assume you are doing so for one reason….” I trailed off
“What reason?” She asked.
“I assume you would like to learn more. To see some things. Maybe even more than that…if everything turns out to be as exciting as it appears to you now….” I said.
She looked at me, then at the floor and did not seem ready to say anything.
“I know you are conflicted, so I am going to do a few things and you can stop us at anytime, if you feel the need. If you agree, I just have a couple of questions.”
“I agree. What questions?”
“First, do you promise that whatever goes on when we are together doing these things you will not let it ever affect your friendship with M? Before you answer, let me tell you that I do not allow D/s to be every moment of every day. Some weekends or weeks we may do it completely, but there are many times in day to day life when we are just friends. The way we differentiate is I tell M when she is wearing a collar she is to submit, and when she is not, she does not have to. I would suggest the same for you. Whatever happens when we are together and M wears her collar should be kept separate from all other times that we are together, or you and M are together or when you have contact of any kind with M. Understand?”
“I understand and agree. But will M be able to say that, if I stand there and watch her get whipped, that at other times everything is back to normal?”
“I understand M and can speak for her in this instance, though she will be happy to confirm it all herself. You can see her naked and whipped, you can see her drink out of a dog dish on the floor, she could kneel while you stand over her, striking her with a riding crop, then commanding her to clean your ass with her tongue then to eat your pussy, and when she is done---she would be able to put it aside and treat you just like the friend you are!” I said, carefully observing how R would react to that.
She paused a moment, then said, “She would do that if you wanted…stuff with another woman…stuff with me?”
“Without question or hesitation…well, maybe a little hesitation. If she feels inhibited about something she needs to be punished sometimes to make it acceptable. Often though, even if it is something she would not normally do, my command is enough.”
“If she did something to me…I’m not saying she would, but if you wanted…and…I wouldn’t have to do anything to her, right, I mean if I didn’t want to, or thought I did want to but could not go through with it?” She asked.
“Of course not. You can observe…if you want…and not take part in anything.” I answered.
“What if…I…wanted to feel something, try something, would that be a problem?”
“I don’t know what you mean?” I responded.
“Well, what if I wanted to feel what the whip felt like. Could you whip me or would she object to you doing something to me?”
“No objection. Truthfully, I could do anything to you, I could fuck you and she would deal with it, then she would clean your pussy juices off my cock when I commanded it, and would eat my cum as it dripped out of your pussy---- if I came inside you and desired it.”
She laughed and I did not know what that meant, but it seemed it was only nervous laughter because she continued nonplussed by what I had just suggested.
“So, you’re saying that if I wanted her to eat my pussy, but was not ready to eat hers…it would not bother her?” She asked.
“As a slave, she does not expect that kind of reciprocation. Much of her pleasure is to serve. Now, in truth, she is a human being, and we are a couple, so she does not only serve, I make sure she cums many times when we are together, and if we are with another woman, I encourage them to take care of my slave as well, but that is not always the case, so this need not be a concern for you. She will appreciate that you participated with us because she knows these things excite me. That is all she requires from you---that you take part---she will expect nothing from you. If you are interested in these things then let me be frank…you can punish her, command her and use her for your pleasure. You can submit to me, be punished by me, get used by me and serve me. You can choose to be our slave and she can punish you too, and use you for her pleasure, or you can just sit back and watch how a submissive girl gets punished and used by her Master. There are no requirements or preconceptions. We have decided to let you watch us…and we have also decided you may participate if you choose. We do not make that offer lightly, but we have no expectations either. Any level of involvement you choose will be a gift for us as well as enlightenment for you. If you do choose to get involved, and in the middle of it decide you cannot continue--- you can choose to quit. Whatever your choice, you can reconsider and ask to try again, try more or try different next time. Or ask that we never speak of any of this again---ever. Whatever you want. I like to see her submit in front of other women, as well as submit to and with other women. She likes to do whatever I want.”
“I can really stop anything at anytime, and this will never affect our friendship?” She asked earnestly.
“I promise, and when we bring M into the room I can assure you she will say the same. Her big concern, I am quite sure, will be how this will affect the way you see her. If you can use your curiosity and desire to push judgment out of your head, I am quite sure this will work out and you will get something positive out of whatever you choose to do with us.”
When we were all back together I could see M was apprehensive with the amount of time R’s questions took because I don’t think she actually believed her friend would be interested in pursuing this sort of thing. Nevertheless, M assured R that she would never look at R differently, but seemed concerned that R could not really guarantee the same. I asked R to step into the other room for a few minutes and I said to M that if she did not want to go through with this she did not have to, that if she wished I would restrict R to observe only, but that I believed R’s sincerity and interest. I asked if it would be more objectionable to her to do things with R than with a stranger or some other woman I may have been involved with. She said she thought a stranger was best but this was better than one of my old slave girlfriends and also she trusted that R was truthful about not having any sexually transmitted diseases and about her use of birth control. M decided not to ask me to forbid R to participate. I told M to go into the bedroom, put on a particular outfit along with her collar and cuffs. I told her when I called; she should walk into the living room and I told her what she should do from that point until I decided otherwise. She went into the bedroom to change and wait and I called R back.
“I trust you were satisfied with everything M said.” I asked.
“Yes.” She responded.
“Are you willing to begin your exploration?”
“I’m nervous, and I hope M really means what she said about this being okay. I have to admit I am excited and once she agreed I can’t stop imagining it so I have to try it.” She said smiling nervously. “When is the quickest we can get together for this…before I lose my nerve?”
“I think now would be good.” I said. She looked nervous when I said that, and before she could say anything I called: “Slave, greet your guest!” R did not get to say anything before she heard the bedroom door open. M walked in and came over to where we were standing. She was wearing a French maid apron, but unlike the one she wore on that wonderful birthday of mine (, this one was different. From the front, instead of covering everything, this was cut to expose the breasts, and was short to show the entire lower half of her body. It merely covered her stomach, and really was created to hide nothing but just be a frilly and silly little accoutrement. In the back there was only a thin tie at the waist and a thin loop over the neck. She also wore black stockings and a black garter that served to frame a pussy and round hips. She wore her thick black leather collar with o-ring and her wrist cuffs. Normally she would wear her ankle cuffs over her stockings when I had her wear those, but I told her not to put on her ankle cuffs until instructed to do so. M curtseyed, holding the edges of the apron and then stood there looking down at the floor. I could see R with an excited look in her eye, surveying M. her friend, strong, capable and successful, now standing before her naked and vulnerable.
“Let’s all have a drink.” I said to M and she turned and walked to the kitchen. When she turned I saw the surprised look on R’s face as she saw M’s naked ass and back as she walked to the kitchen. It took a few minutes for M o prepare everything as I had directed. She came from the kitchen carrying a tray and on it was a bottle of champagne, two champagne flutes and a dog bowl, a long tapered candle, a condom, and a lighter. M set the tray down on a table and I opened the champagne and poured it into the two glasses and dog bowl. M picked up the 2 glasses and offered them to R and me. We took them and then she turned to the tray, took the bowl off of it and placed the bowl on the floor in front of the couch. I ushered R to the couch and we sat down. M kneeled in front of us. “I think the mood calls for a little candlelight, don’t you?” I asked R. She looked at me unsure, and said “Sure.”
I went to the tray and picked up the candle, lighter and condom. I placed the condom over the end of the candle. (I am not sure if it is necessary, but I always do this because I am afraid when the candle is inside a slave, their body heat might melt the wax and be difficult to remove.) I walked over to M who leaned forward on her hands and knees. I placed the covered end of the candle to the lips of her pussy and slowly worked it between her lips. Once inside I thrust it in and out a few times until it seemed slippery, then pulled it out of her pussy and brought it between her cheeks. I spread her cheeks with one hand while I inserted the candle into her asshole with the other. I pushed it in at least half its length to make sure it would stay put! I lit the candle and sat on the couch next to R.
We sat there holding our champagne, looking down at the near naked slave on her hands and knees with a lit candle sticking out of her ass. “There is no more beautiful candle holder than a slave’s ass.” I said, “Except to have a matching pair.” I continued. “If I had known this was going to be such a special occasion, having our friend here to observe, I would have tried to arrange for a pair of slaves. ” I said and then said, “Let’s drink.” As R raised the glass to her lips, I motioned for her to watch M. M leaned forward and began to lap the champagne out of the bowl, the lit candle jutting out between her cheeks.
“Is this really how things would be if I were not here?” R asked.
“Well,” I began, “We probably would not be having champagne, maybe wine, or maybe not a drink at all. If I wanted a drink I can assure you it would be by candlelight as I enjoy the way this looks very much. I usually don’t dress M in an outfit for day to day. She might be completely naked but for her collar and cuffs, or maybe wearing the stockings and garter also if I felt like seeing that. I think naked is most appropriate for a slave, and later on, when we show you some other things, she won’t be so covered up.” I smiled because obviously M was almost completely uncovered! “ Truthfully,” I continued, “ I thought this outfit would be a bit more embarrassing for her, but I also knew she might possibly feel better partially clothed, and I did not mind either way. If you were not here she would have been waiting for me in her slave position, and you will see that soon enough. I wanted to start differently because you have no experience with this, and I think when novices think about these things, they imagine something more like a maid serving than total subjugation.” I said.
“I have to admit I was not sure what to expect. Even though M and I spoke about all of this I was not expecting to see her naked, and she did tell me she served naked, I just was not thinking about her walking around like this in front of me.”
“Well, you are the guest so if it makes you uncomfortable that she is naked I can have her put on some clothes.” I saw M take interest at this as if she were wondering if she would be allowed to be dressed in front of her friend.
“No. This is good.” R clearly did not want to see M get dressed. I took this to be a very good sign. I roughly pulled the lit candle out of M’s ass and blew the flame out, then commanded, “M. attend to your Master’s feet!” M. turned away from the bowl and removed my shoes and socks. She then began to lick my feet clean, to suck on my toes and carefully tongue between each one, while using her hands to massage the foot at the same time.
I turned to R and said: “M. has one of the best mouth's imaginable. It was skilled before she was trained as a slave. She is also adept at giving a massage. This feels marvelous.”
“It looks like it does and you look very happy.”
“I am. But truthfully I would like to see something more right now than M. servicing my feet.”
“What’s that?” R asked.
“I would very much like to see her doing this to you.” I said.
Without hesitation R looked into my eyes and softly said: “I would really like that too.”
I considered telling her to order M to do so, but was afraid it would make her too uncomfortable and she would change her mind, so instead I issued the command; “Slave, attend to R’s feet.” M. seamlessly took her mouth from one of my toes and deftly moved to the side to begin taking R’s shoes off. Moments later R’s feet were bare, M. was licking the sole of her left foot, before moving to her toes and beginning to use her hands to massage. R leaned back and moaned as she closed her eyes, and gave in to the exquisite feelings M’s tongue and lips could bring to any part of the body, and I knew things were moving the way I wanted them to.
When M. was clearly done with both of R’s feet, she knelt there awaiting her next command. I was going to have her get back to my feet but first I said to R, “Did you like that? Did she do a good job?"
“Oh yes. Fantastic.” R responded.
“Well, here we praise our slaves as well as punish. Tell her.”I demanded.
“That was a wonderful. Thank you… slave.” R said slave so softly, as if she was afraid what M would do when she addressed her like that.
“Thank you…” M. looked at me quizzically.
“Mistress will do for now, for convenience sake if nothing else.”
“Thank you Mistress.” M answered after taking a deep breath and clearly seeming unsure about how she felt about this. But M. did not falter, and if she had any problem with this it was not apparent.
I walked over to the tiled area and thought about how embarrassed it seemed to make M when she had to lick the wine off the floor in front of her friend N. I intentionally spilled some of my champagne.
“Slave, I spilled some champagne. Crawl over here and clean it up.” I commanded. M looked dismayed but did not hesitate as she started to crawl over and I could see R watching her intently to see what she would do, or maybe she just enjoyed seeing a woman crawling in black stockings and naked ass across the floor. I know I enjoy that! When M arrived at my feet I pointed to the small puddle of champagne. So as there was no doubt in M’s mind or R that I wanted to see this, I spilled some more champagne making a line from the first puddle and creating a second small puddle. R was watching everything precisely, even more interested once she saw I was doing this purposefully. M looked at R, then up at me, and then bent her head forward at the first puddle and started to lick. When R saw M actually bend down and start licking, she got off the couch and came over for a closer look. When M heard her approach she paused a second, then continued. SO intent was R to watch this that she barely breather or made a sound. She could hear the slight slurping sound M made lapping the champagne up as she licked, which was no doubt embarrassing for M. M knew I enjoyed watching her lick things off the floor, but she also knew I would make her do this until all the champagne was gone, so she had to manage to lick for my entertainment and lap it up so her time kneeling there humiliating herself was limited. R was much more interested in this than I had imagined. I said, “Your friend seems to really enjoy this, slave, perhaps we should let her watch you clean some other things!” I said. M looked up at me, she was clearly embarrassed that I would humiliate her even worse in front of her friend , but all she said was, “Whatever you want Master, of course.” I got a leash off the dresser and snapped it onto her collar and she obediently crawled as I led her. I motioned for R to follow and we went into the bathroom. Since M had not cleaned the toilet that morning, I would not take the chance with her health to let her clean the inside of the bowl with her mouth, but the toilet seat or the outside of the bowl should be clean and safe enough.
“Slave, your Mistress needs to use that toilet seat. Make sure it is clean.” M crawled a few steps in close to the toilet, brought her face to the toilet seat, and began to lick it. R’s mouth dropped open as she stared intently at my lovely slave doing her housework. M did not miss one inch of the seat, and when she was done I considered having her do the outside of the bowl too, but my cock was rock hard and I decided it was time to move on. I unsnapped M’s collar and walked out. “Finish up.” I commanded as I walked out of the bathroom. That was the signal to M that she was done, and at that point, whenever she cleaned anything in the bathroom with her mouth, she would use a strong medicinal mouthwash to ensure there were no germs left in her mouth that could cause her issues later. R watched as M got up and went to the sink and rinsed, then R walked out and M crawled out of the bathroom back into the living room.
“Clean up the drinks slave. I would like to move on. Put the champagne in the refrigerator as I believe we may want some a little later.” As she began cleaning up I then continued, “When you return from the kitchen get your ankle cuffs out of the bedroom, bring them into the living room and then take off the apron, stockings and garter, and put on the ankle cuffs and get into your slave position.”
M. gathered everything up and brought it to the kitchen, as she exited from the kitchen I called out, “You're not carrying the tray anymore, you may crawl.” Instantly M dropped to her hands and knees and crawled into the bedroom.
“What do you think?” I asked R.
“I can’t explain it, these things would probably sound strange to tell about them, but this is all so…incredible…I watch things that should make me laugh, or shock me, but instead it’s like I’m watching something sexy. I can’t tell you how I feel, or what goes through my head, when I was watching her lick the drink off the floor, or when she licked the toilet seat clean.” She shook her head in amazement.
“Sure you can.” I said. “I would understand better than most, as would M. You see, we are doing all of this because we both find it so exciting also.”
She considered this. I could see her thinking. “It’s embarrassing.” She said.
“You don’t have to tell me anything, but remember, it is not as embarrassing as your friend crawling around naked and licking champagne off the floor, or licking clean the toilet seat you’ve sat on. I would hope you would be comfortable telling us anything after she did that in front of you.”
“It’s funny, but some of the things I have to say would be easier in front of you then her!”
“Stay in the bedroom until I call you out slave.” I called out.
“I didn’t say I would tell you.” R said and smiled.
“I know. But I think it would be best if you do.” I said.
“I’m sure! Well…” She paused, “I’m uncomfortable letting M hear that I really like watching her do embarrassing things. Watching her lap the champagne out of the bowl with the candle sticking out of her butt, watching her clean the floor and toilet seat made me…made me want to do things that I do in private that M probably has to do in front of you all the time.”
“If you mean masturbate…yes…possibly in more ways than you imagine! Anything else you don’t want M to hear?”
“Yes. But I am not sure I want you to hear either!”
“Go ahead. You’ll feel better if you do!”
“Or worse. But I think I’m going to tell you anyway. Partially because I don’t understand something and I am afraid there’s something wrong with me and I think you can help.”
“What is it?” I asked.
“I understand that some people enjoy, or at least get off, on doing the things M does. Or getting punished the way M has described, though I have not seen it yet…”
“You will…soon.” I interrupted.
“I am looking forward to that…you can’t know how much. I understand that some people get off doing these things to other people, like you do. What I don’t understand…is me…I like watching M serve and humiliate herself, I want to see her punished…and I even imagine… myself punishing her. Punishing my friend, naked and tied down…which is one of the things I am embarrassed to share with her! But I also imagine you ordering me to lick the champagne up, you making me lick the toilet seat clean…you tying me and spanking me and whipping me just like M has described…and I have fantasized about many times before she ever brought this up. Is that normal to like all these things? To want to have a slave…and be a slave…to want to whip and use other women…yet want to be dominated by a man? Or am I just confused…or weird?”
“Not weird at all. You may be confused, but that is natural when people first start dealing with impulses that they feel are not the norm. As for wanting both to dominate and to be dominated, there are many people like that; they are called ‘switches’. It's not that uncommon. As for enjoying both sexes, I find that more common than I expected, especially among women, or at least among women who like the kinds of things I do. What's interesting is that someone like M looks at other women merely as props for the scenes I like to have. She would never do these things except for my desires. I don't think she finds it particularly pleasant, but then I'm sure she doesn't find it particularly pleasant to lick the toilet seat either. However you will find her pussy is quite wet, because what she does get out if it is human a sure and submission which are things, along with a certain amount of punishment, that turn her on. Seeing me turned on by these things also excites her. That is why she's able to do a lot of things that would not be her first choice out in the rest of the world.” I said.
“I know I just spilled my guts to you. It does not mean I have the nerve to go through with everything and it does not mean I'll be comfortable letting M know how I feel about all this” R said.
“I understand.” I said, “Let’s just play it by ear. It will be exciting and interesting knowing you have a great interest in what's going on. You will only do what's comfortable for you , but I will prod and prompt you in the hope that you will give into what you desire and fantasize about, and that I would get to take part in it! No matter what I say you don't have to worry about M. if I prod you and you agree to do something, she will ask no questions and require no explanations. She will believe that you are doing it because I offered and you're willing to go along. She may even believe that I convinced you during this conversation that what M really wants is for you to participate, so if you care about your friend you’ll take part in all of this. She need never know about the actual content of this conversation, and she will not care why you are participating. Fair enough?” I asked, hoping to put her at ease.
“Yes. Please let's continue before I lose my nerve!” She smiled.
I called out, “Get your ass back in here slave!” Moments later M crawled into the living room awkwardly dragging the ankle cuffs in her hands. In the living room she stood up and took off her French maid apron, lowered her garter and peeled down her stockings. She stood there completely nude and attached the ankle cuffs to her ankles. She got back on her hands and knees and crawled over to the arm of the couch, bent over it and reached back and spread her cheeks exposing her asshole.
I led R over to my beautiful, exposed slave and said: “Slave M is naked as befits a slave who is also a whore, a bitch, a cock sucker, ass licker and pussy eater. Right slave?”
“Yes Master, a cock sucking, ass licking, pussy eating slave, bitch whore like me should be naked.”
“Why is she bent over the couch like that?” R asked.
“Answer her slave.” I commanded.
“This is my slave position. I am bent over to expose myself as well as make myself available for my Master’s use. I spread my cheeks because Master likes to use and punish my asshole and because this is a humiliating position for a person to put themselves, especially in front of other people.” M answered.
“I like more than to use and punish your asshole slave, show R what else your asshole is good for.” I commanded. But M just stayed in position and did not move either hand. I knew she knew what I wanted and I also know it might be difficult for her and she might resist. This was okay because either she was going to continue to perform for her friend or she was going to earn punishment which was something her friend was clearly interested in.
“Slave, you choose to embarrass me in front of your friend. She will think you a poorly trained slave and me an ineffectual Master.”
“I’m sorry Master, I…” But M had nothing more to say. I grabbed her right hand and pulled it from her cheeks, then began to rub it between them and used my fingers to push 2 of her fingers into her asshole. I did not bother to lubricate them and I could tell they went in roughly.
“You see, “I began explaining to R, “ I like to see M play with her asshole. It was not an easy thing for her to do as this seems to be an area of inhibition for her. She has improved greatly but it seems she is inhibited in front of you. You might find this hard to understand from a slave girl that has just licked champagne off the floor and cleaned the toilet seat with her tongue in front of you, but we all have our issues. This is no great tragedy as this means you will finally get to see M punished, which is something I wanted you to see. Also, since there are several things I want her to do that she may find---difficult--- perhaps this will work out for the best as the punishment may help to break down any resistance she might have subsequently shown!”
I tied the O rings of M’s wrist and ankle cuffs to ropes we had arranged from the legs of the couch, and once she was trussed up with little ability to move, I said: “M’s punishment will be quite severe for this embarrassing display. To help increase the punishment I will add as much humiliation to the pain as our friend R here will be comfortable in assisting with. R, I will ask you at some point to help me punish M. You may decline if you want, but we both hope you will play the role of M’s Mistress and assist me, right slave?” I snarled.
“Yes Master. Please Mistress punish me in any way that my Master asks.” She said.
“What do you want me to do?” R asked.
“At some point I will hand you an implement and I will ask that you beat M’s ass with it as hard as you can. Then, since we always try to be prepared, we have a strap-on harness with detachable dildos of increasing sizes. I would like you to wear it, and abuse M’s asshole with a very large plastic cock.”
“Do I have to be naked to wear the harness?” R asked, and I could not tell if she was anxious to hear a yes or a no.”
“You do not have to be naked, though I would like you to be and I think it will feel very good when you ram the cock into her ass as the back of the dildo will press up against you pussy, and if you are naked it will feel nice!”
“But I don’t have to be naked.” She said.
“No. Whatever makes you comfortable. As long as you help me punish her, that is what I think would be most important.”
I took a cane and a wooden paddle and asked which R would like to use. She chose the cane as she was afraid if she swung the paddle wrong she might hurt M. She was also afraid she would miss M’s ass with the cane, and accidentally hit her upper thighs and I told her that would be okay though we would only be aiming for her ass. “If you hit her thighs it will hurt a lot and M will thank you for it, so don’t worry,” I said.
I started with the paddle and I had R stand next to me so she could see the effect of the paddle on M’s ass. I decided to use firm one handed strokes. I did not want to use the very worst as I was afraid bruising or worse might put R off so early in the process. “M, you will get 15 strokes from me and 25 from R. You will start a new count with each set. You will thank us and request a harder beating, understand?”
R looked at me confused. “What do you mean by count and request a harder beating?” R asked.
“Watch.” I said and I swatted M’s ass with the paddle. Out of the corner of my eye I saw R flinch a little when the paddle connected with M’s ass, and M gasped. “One, thank you Master, please beat my ass harder!”
“See? She will continue to address you as Mistress, even though we have not really established a role for you, if any, except as an observer. Still when dishing out punishment Mistress would be appropriate.”
I could see R was wavering, which at this point I found frustrating but not surprising. I grabbed R’s arm and led her into the other room. “What’s wrong?” I asked. She did not answer and then I took a guess, “You are still worried about how M will feel calling you Mistress and begging you to beat her ass harder?”
She did not look at me but answered, “Yes. And more than that---if she will be angry if I hurt her with the cane…or if she realizes…” She could not finish so I did it for her, “if she realizes you are enjoying it.”
“Yes.” She said.
“Okay. We can deal with that.” I led R back into the room with M.
“M,” I began, “I think R is uncomfortable addressing you as a slave and treating you like a slave, and especially punishing and using you like a slave. I expect you to make her feel better about all of that.”
“Yes Master.” M paused, tied down as she was she could not turn and face R, but she continued, “Mistress, I am your slave. You may call me anything you wish. Master likes slave, but also whore and bitch, cock sucker and ass licker, among others. Whenever you are unsure of what to say, you may ask me for a suggestion. If you want to hurt me, but are uncomfortable saying that, ask me to beg to be hurt and I will gladly do so. If you want me to kiss your ass, eat your pussy or just clean your feet with my tongue, and are uncomfortable ordering me to do so, though you should not be, just command me to beg for the opportunity and I will say whatever you want and need to hear.”
I spoke next, “Slave, in order to get your Mistress more comfortable, beg for your beating, ass fucking and then to please your Mistress afterward, right now!”
“Yes Master. Please Mistress, cane my ass and make me scream. Hurt your slave, punish me and please take my asshole with your huge strap-on and show me no mercy, even when I beg for it when I am able to beg between my screams. Then Mistress, please allow me to thank you for punishing me by cleaning your asshole with my tongue, and if this slave’s tongue is able to excite you, please let me eat your pussy until you cum all over my face as many times as you wish.” M seemed finished, and I looked at R to speak next:
“Well…slave…since you asked so nicely I think I should definitely punish you and then let you…please me” R said softly, and insecure, but I still thought it was a good sign.
I stood behind M with the paddle. I brought the paddle up and then down hard across her ass. “One thank you Master please beat my ass harder.”
“Slave, you already got a swat, so I think you should've started at two. I will consider that an error and we will start again.”
“Yes Master, I am sorry Master.”
I brought the paddle up and then down across her ass just as hard again. She said again, “One thank you Master please beat my ass harder.”
Excellent, Slave!” I said.
She counted out all 15 swats just as nicely. I noted R watching intently. At the first swat she flinched a little, but by the last 5 she seemed really intent. Then it was her turn.
I helped R find the proper position and she raised the cane and brought it weakly down upon M’s ass. M paused as she was not sure if she should count that as a stroke. “Yes M, I believe that was your first stroke.” I said and M said, “One thank you Mistress. Please beat my ass MUCH harder!”
I said, “R, the first stroke is tough, you have no experience yet I did not think practice was in order. I could have you cane a couch cushion I suppose, but I am not sure if that would help.”
“I’m sorry Master, I’ll do better.” I found it interesting that she suddenly addressed me as Master, and I noted that M turned her head a bit and her back seemed to stiffen when she heard that. M could take just about anything, but sharing me was difficult.
R raised the cane but brought it down too slowly again. Before M could count I said, “R, what was that? M can’t even count that with a straight face.”
“I’m sorry Master. I meant to do better but was not concentrating enough. I promise I will do better but if you feel I deserve to be punished also…do what you feel you should….I probably even deserve to feel the cane myself for this.”
“Sensing her desire or at least interest to be punished and the opportunity to do so, I said, “You are right…slave. Whether you take the role of M’s mistress or not, you are still serving me, and at the moment doing a very poor job!. You will be punished when we are finished with M’s punishment, but caning is a bit advanced for your first time but I will tell you this, whatever punishment I decide you have earned-------I will quadruple that punishment if you do not finish M’s punishment as hard as you can!”
“Yes Master, I understand.” R said, then raised the cane and brought it down hard across the top of M’s ass. I could see she caught M off guard and in a painful spot and M cried out before saying, “2 thank you Mistress please beat my ass harder.” R brought the cane down even harder, but her control was off and it swung low, catching M at the top of her thighs. She cried out again before counting and thanking her Mistress. I told R to take her time, that she was doing well, but I wanted to see the strokes squarely across M’s ass, not all over the place. She placed the remaining strokes much better and M’s ass was crimson, with a nice series of dark stripes and welts across it, both from my paddling and R’s caning.
“I have decided that the rest of M’s punishment will have to wait, as well as M showing you how well she can serve a Mistress. I want you to be punished before we continue.” I told R.
“Yes Master, thank you.” R responded. Before I could ask her whether she wanted to leave her pants up or pull them down for the punishment, she started to undress. In seconds she was standing there completely naked.
I pulled R over my lap and gave her a spanking. I started mildly, and then kept increasing the blows until at the end they were pretty fast and hard. When I let R off my lap I expected her to say it was much worse than she expected, and she would just as soon not be punished again. Instead she said, “Thank you Master for punishing me, but I think you should beat me harder.”
“Really?” I said. “M, tie this slave down over the end of the couch, just like you were tied. Use the cotton rope directly as she does not have cuffs on.” While M went for the rope, R crawled over to the couch, got into the same position she had seen M, including reaching back and spreading her cheeks. M looked at her and then looked at me. She sneered and I smiled. It was annoying her the way her friend R went from observer, to participant, to trying to take a place as slave. I motioned for M to come to me. I kissed her then whispered in her ear, “I don’t need her as my slave, but if this is what she wants in exchange for punishing you and using your mouth, that is what I do want to it is worth it to me.”
M responded with, “Yes Master, I understand.” Aand then kissed me again. She walked back to R and tied her down. I grabbed a short two tailed leather quirt. I liked this whip because it afforded great control, was not long enough to wrap around and hurt sensitive areas, and yet still delivered a fine sting without using that much force. I handed the whip to M.
“Twenty hard strokes M. I think you should deliver the first ten since it was her failure to punish you properly that brought her to be punished.”
M raised the whip and I knew she was prepared to be cruel as she was getting annoyed that her friend was trying to invade her turf! She brought the whip down as hard as she could. R gasped then said: “One thank you mistress, please beat my ass harder.”
“You should be honored M, giving a slave her very first whipping. It reminds me of the first time I whipped you, with that long black leather bullwhip folded over.” I said.
M gave R the next nine lashes, making each a little harder, at least it seemed so. R’s ass was a series of beautiful red welts. Then it was my turn. Since R took M’s whipping so well I decided to give her a harder stroke than I had first planned.
“One thank you Master, please whip my ass harder Master.”
“Yes, I believe I will, slave.” I said and brought the whip down quite hard for the remaining 9 strokes. Then I left R tied down and sensing the opportunity to give R what she desired, and to make it appear like she had little to do with it, I commanded M to kneel behind her Mistress.
“Now slave, kiss your Mistresses ass, lick her cheeks and make those sore cheeks feel better.” M got right to work and I saw R wiggle her ass when M kissed it
“Now M,” I commanded, “Bury your face between your Mistresses cheeks and clean her asshole with your tongue. If she wants you to do it deeper, fast, slower, whatever, she will command it, right R?” I asked.
“Um, yes Master.” She responded weakly. And M began to wiggle her face between R’s cheeks and soon her tongue must have begun its work because R started to moan and writhe and I wondered if anyone had stuck their tongue up her ass before, or if it was just because M was so good at it, which she was! While M worked on R’s asshole I went around untying R. I pulled on R’s hair and said to her, “You want that bitch to stick her tongue even deeper up your asshole, don’t you?”
“Yes, yes Master. Bitch, work your tongue deeper up my asshole. Show Master how much you want to clean your Mistresses asshole!” R yelled.
I let this continue as it was a beautiful sight to watch, but finally I said; “R, M can work her magical tongue in your pussy just like she did to your asshole, but I won’t allow that unless you give her the orders yourself, and not until you finish punishing the whore with a big fat dildo up her asshole. If at any time you fail to punish her properly, or command her adequately, you will be punished, and much harder than the friendly little love taps you have just received.”
“Yes Master!” R replied. “I know those really were love taps Master, as I saw what you could do to M’s butt!”
“Actually slave, I went easy on M so as not to scare you. M can tolerate much more severe punishment. She is as close to the perfect slave as I can imagine.”
M and R both smiled when I said this.
I then instructed M to go get the strap-on and to pick a big fat cock to attach that would make her suffer. While she went to the bedroom I explained to R why anal punishment worked so well for M. “I never saw a slave with a tighter asshole, less ability to relax her asshole, or that got more excited and soaking wet from anal pain” I wanted R to be comfortable with what she was about to do to M, especially when I knew M was not able to hide that kind of pain very well. M returned and with my help, R stepped into the strap-on harness, and it turned out she was wearing it naked just as I had suggested! I looked over the dildo M had picked out. It was long and wide and I was impressed she picked out one that would torture her so terribly. I let her pick it out because I thought she would not want too harsh a size when her friend would be there to witness her painful humiliation. As I attached it to the harness R could not help but comment, “That thing is huge! I couldn’t even attempt something like that!”
M smiled and I said, “I always choose harsh anal punishment for M when she fails to use her asshole to entertain me because I am trying to remind her there are so many worse things I can do to her asshole then make her play with it with her lovely, dainty fingers! Knowing this, and being the amazing slave that she is, she picked an appropriate cock for you to punish her asshole with now!”
I had M kneel in front of R and give the big cock a blowjob. It was not so big that she could not get it deep into her throat, but still it was big and I was actually a bit surprised that she would choose such a large cock to be punished with in front of her friend. She was very likely to suffer, scream and beg from it and I would think she would have tried to avoid that in front of her friend, which was why I let her make the choice. I hoped she knew what she was doing; picking a monster cock to let her friend abuse her with now.
“Go bend over the end of the couch.” I told M. I told R to get behind her and fuck M’s pussy from behind really well to lubricate that fat cock. I watched R give M’s pussy a nice hard fucking. R really was cut out for this stuff! Finally, when the cock was easily gliding in and out of M’s pussy I told R to pull it out and to present it to M’s asshole. She slowly pushed it against that tight, beautiful spot and slowly pushed and worked its way in. When it penetrated the tight ring, I expected a scream, but there was only a small gasp. Without my prompting R began to pick up the pace and fuck M’s ass, and I waited for M to bury her face in the couch cushion, but she closed her eyes and kept her head up and began to push her ass back to meet R’s thrusts and swallow the entire huge cock up her ass as she had instinctively trained herself to do. I could see the pain written across M’s face, and she was biting her lip and her eyes were shut tight, but I soon realized she would give no sure sign to R that she was torturing her. I admired M for this, but quiet and stoic was not what I was looking for.
“Beg your Mistress to fuck your asshole harder bitch. Beg her to make you scream.” I could see it took all of M’s willpower to keep silent, now that she had to speak, she could hardly contain her suffering. Her voice screeched as she gasped: “Please Mistress, fuck my asshole harder, faster, and deeper. Make me scream!” As she said that R gave a hard deep thrust and M finally did scream, “Oh, Oh, Please!” then buried her face in the couch cushion and cried out into it. I raised my hand for R to stop moving, and then told her to gently and slowly extract the huge phallus. She did so, and it was clean and upon inspection, M’s asshole seemed no worse for wear, which I attributed to the excellent lubrication supplied by her pussy!
“Clean the cock.” I commanded and M turned and knelt and started licking and sucking it.
R spoke. “Oh M, you are incredible. You must be the most amazing slave in the world! It’s an honor that you let me watch and play with you!” M looked up at her and smiled, took her mouth from the cock, and said, “I’m glad you decided to join us too.” Then she went back to sucking.
“M.” I said, “You owe R more than cleaning her strap-on for punishing you effectively, don’t you.”
“Yes Master I do.” M replied.
“However, there is one thing I require from you first M. Fail, and you do not even want to imagine what more I will do to your ass, understand?”
“Yes Master…I do understand.”
M leaned back over the arm of the couch and reached back and spread her cheeks. I sat down across from her and asked R to sit next to me.
“M is now going to entertain us with one of my favorite performances. Or M will suffer so terribly, with a paddling until she bleeds, and a giant dildo shoved up her asshole and chained in place for the next 5 hours, that she does not want to even think about disappointing me. You may begin slave.” I said.
Leaving her left hand in place to keep her cheeks spread, M stuck two fingers of her right hand into her mouth to get them nice and wet, then reached back and started to rub her asshole with the two fingers. Gently, which I'm sure was partially because her asshole was sore from the punishment, she worked the two fingers into her asshole, then started working them in and out, then she moaned and said: “thank you Master for letting me play with my asshole!”
“You're welcome slave.” I replied.
She pulled her fingers out, sucked on them, then stuck them back into her asshole, and as she began to penetrate her asshole in and out again, she said: “thank you for letting me taste my asshole Master!”
“You’re welcome slave!” I replied.
M. continued to fuck her asshole with her fingers, awaiting my next command.
“Pull your fingers out and lick them clean.” I said. After she'd done so I told her to turn around and spread her legs. I turned to R and said, “Because she disappointed me before I am in the mood to see more from her now.”
“Play with your tits!” I commanded. M. rubbed her breasts with the palms of her hands, then started to pinch her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.
“Pinch them harder slave. And twist them whore!”
M. did as she was commanded, and the look on her face showed she was doing it hard enough to hurt!
“Now keep pinching and twisting your left nipple, while you bring your right hand down and play with your pussy!” I demanded.
She reached down with her right hand and began to stroke between her lips. Her eyes were closed and her head was tilted back.
“Slave! Look at your mistress! Thank her!”
“Thank you mistress for letting me hurt my nipples and play with my pussy.” Then she pulled her fingers from her pussy and licked them, then sucked on them, then brought them back to her pussy and inserted them, and while she pumped them in and out of her pussy, she said, “Thank you mistress for letting me taste my pussy. And thank you for letting me fuck it with my fingers. Is there anything else you would like to see mistress? Anything more I can do to my mouth, my tits, my pussy or my asshole?”
I whispered into R's ear what she should say: “Yes slave, take your hand off your nipple and use it to start pulling on your pubic hair while you rub your clit with your other hand!”
M. did as she was instructed. I reached a hand between R’s legs and found her pussy was soaked. I said to M., “That's enough! You have other people to take care of now! Crawl over here and clean my fingers!” M. crawled over and licked and sucked my fingers clean.
“The first taste of your mistress’s pussy. How does it taste slut?” I asked. I knew M was not really interested in the taste of another woman but as my willing slave I knew she would say:
“Her pussy tastes delicious Master.”
Then I said to R, “Spread your legs more.” Then I asked, ““Is your pussy wet?” I could see she was ready to say to me ‘you just had your fingers in my pussy, don’t you know’ but already she was learning to just obey:
“It’s soaking wet!” She replied.
“Show me.” I said. She looked at me puzzled.
“Touch your pussy. Dip your fingers in to it.” I demanded. She did so and had two very wet fingers.
“Slave, clean your Mistresses fingers.” I commanded and M began to lick then suck R’s fingers.
I leaned against R and whispered in her ear, but loud enough for M to clearly hear, “You won’t find a more talented mouth anywhere, but as I promised, I won’t let the slave whore do anything until her Mistress commands it herself, understand?” I said with a smile. R sat there unsure, but obviously excited, then I said to R, “Remember what M explained to you before and understand, command what you want, or you won’t cum today!”
R’s pussy was soaked and she so willingly got naked and punished, and obviously enjoyed getting her ass licked that I could not imagine she could wait much longer to cum!
R looked at M, and M was looking down at the floor. R closed her eyes and looked like she was about to say something , possibly a command , but then seemed to rethink it , and instead said to M.
“Would you like to eat your mistresses pussy, slave?”
“Yes Mistress. I would love to eat your pussy.” M. replied.
“Would you like to make your mistress cum all over your face whore?”
“Yes Mistress, your whore would love to make you come all over her face.”
“Then eat me slave, and do a good job, or you’ll have to be punished again!”
“I will do my best Mistress, but even if I make you feel incredible, there is always room for improvement so you may wish to punish me anyway.”
R smiled as she leaned back and closed her eyes as M positioned herself between R’s legs. WThen M leaned in and gently kissed R’s pussy, burying her nose in R’s groomed triangle of auburn hair. After planting a few kisses, she began to lightly run her tongue along R’s moist pussy lips, before finally working her tongue between those lips and starting to show R what another woman could teach her about the art of eating pussy! After a while I pulled M’s face from R’s pussy. “This would be better in bed.” I said. “Both of you crawl to the bedroom!” M waited so R could crawl first, and she followed right behind, her face inches from R’s ass.
When we got into the bedroom R laid down on the bed on her back and M. resumed eating her mistresses pussy. R came pretty quickly! After her orgasm had subsided I said,
“Soon enough it will be time for both of you to please your Master. However, is there anything you would like to do first R?” I asked because I had promised to prod and prompt but not to make her do anything she wasn't ready for. I wondered if she was ready to please another woman, and even if she was, if she was ready to say that to her friend.
“I will do whatever you command me to Master!” She said seriously but then smiled.
“I see.” I said. “M. get on your hands and knees.” M. got into position on the bed.
“R, get behind M and start kissing and licking her ass.” I watched as R planted lovely little kisses and then small licks all over M.'s cheeks. “Now R, lick her asshole, clean it, penetrate it deeply with your tongue, but gently as it's been through a lot, and the way my cock is throbbing makes me think I'm not done with it yet!” M and R both smiled, and R pushed her face between M’s cheeks. I could see ecstasy pass across M’s face as she loved getting her asshole licked.
“Now roll onto your back M. R, between her legs and eat her pussy. I want you to make her cum!” If R had never even pussy before you sure couldn't tell . She did a beautiful job and soon M was screaming in orgasm. She always came loudly! While she was cumming I stripped off my clothes. I stood next to the bed and told them both to get on the floor on their knees behind me.
“I want to feel two tongues up my asshole right now!” I commanded and I could feel them both trying to push their faces between my cheeks as they stuck out their tongues as far as they could. One tongue would dart into my asshole than the other, sometimes I would feel the tips of both trying to make their way in. It was an incredible feeling. Then I sat on the bed and spread my legs and they both instinctively knelt between them.
“Each one of you take one of my balls in your mouth!” They knelt there in front of me each sucking on one of my testicles.
” Now M., take both my balls in your mouth, and R, take my shaft into your mouth as I want to see what kind of a cock sucker you are. M. worked both my balls in to her mouth and R raised herself and brought her mouth down on my rock hard throbbing cock. She didn't get it as deep as I'd hoped, but her mouth felt wonderful and she really sucked it well. M. would have to help me train her to be able to accept more of her Masters cock deeper into her throat.’ As I've mentioned my cock is a fairly large size and M., like Slave S, were the only two slaves I've been with that could swallow the entire length. I grabbed the back of R’s head and held it sucking my cock as I stood up and pushed M off my balls. “Don't let my cock out of your mouth!” I commanded R, as I turned to the side and looked down at M and told her, “lick my asshole bitch while I fuck this whore’s mouth.” M. went right to work pleasing my asshole. But now I wanted to feel my entire cock in a slave’s mouth and throat so I pulled out of R’s mouth and turned around. M. instinctively swallowed my cock and before I could order it R already got her face between my cheeks and was tonguing my asshole. I yelled “deeper slave!” And even though my cock was already all the way in to M.'s throat, I knew they would both respond to that with more effort, and as M pushed against me I could feel R shove her tongue as deep as she could up my ass, as I began to shoot my big, hot load into M.'s throat. I quickly pulled out so I could shoot the last drops on M.'s face. Then I stuck my cock into R’s mouth and told her to suck out the last drops. Then I pulled out and looked at M. with my Cum dripping down her face, and I told R to get right next to her. Then I push their faces together and rubbed my cum as best I could on both of them. “Now lick my cum off each other's faces!” I commanded. As I watched them licking each other's face I started to plan what we would do next to introduce R to more of the joys of D/s!


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