Monday, April 19, 2010

First Time.

The first time I was ever with a submissive and had the good fortune to punish her did not develop or go as I had expected. When I speak with dominants or submissives now, they often tell me that their first experience involved a spanking playfully given for some fabricated misdeed. When I often imagined getting a young lady into the right situation I always imagine something similar. However, truth is stranger than fiction. After spending six years in my first serious, and in fact only relationship up until that time, I found myself on my own again. I have my own apartment in Brooklyn and had not asked anyone out since my first year of college. To make up for lost time I soon found myself dating two girls concurrently. One was an administrative assistant at a hospital and the other was a nurse at a different hospital. The administrative assistant I met through a friend and the nurse I met when she was caring for a family member in the hospital. The administrative assistant was a little older than me and the nurse was a little younger. I had met the administrative assistant first and then the nurse. I wasn't finding the administrative assistant as interesting as I thought I would which is why I pursued the nurse. However soon after I started dating the nurse I had the administrative assistant in my apartment and we were making out. I ran my hand through her beautiful blonde hair and it got caught up in her hairspray. I ended up pulling on her hair pretty hard. I didn't know what she was going to say but she just looked at me and said "you like it rough?” Then she smiled and said, “That’s okay.” And all I could do was smile and say “that's good.” We ended up spending the next several months in an extremely exciting D/s relationship that also involved a young girl friend of hers. But while I will be talking about her in later posts that is not the first time I wanted to talk about now, although technically she was my first time enjoying these particular things. That's because she was not as new to the scene as I was because she'd already figured out what she wanted and was pursuing it with her young friend. She just knew she wanted to involve a man and I consider myself fortunate that I came along then. I actually want to talk about the nurse because I was still very new to the scene and she hadn't tried anything yet. I had owned several leather bull whips for a few years constantly fantasizing about when I might get to use them. I had actually got them at a pretty well-stocked Halloween store one year. I think this may be one of the key reasons Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Anyway, since I had just started whipping administrative assistant I decided I would like to have them at the ready and I hung them up as decorations on Halloween. Now, while the physical relationship with the administrative assistant was going great, the rest of the relationship was not nearly as good. We didn't have a lot in common and when she wasn't naked she had a hard time holding my interest. The nurse however, who I found equally attractive, was very interesting to me. But did we share the same interests? I needed to find out because I didn't want to continue dating both of them as it was getting awkward because they were both demanding more of my time. Though she wasn't particularly satisfying out of bed, if I couldn't get what I wanted elsewhere, I knew I was likely to settle down with the administrative assistant for a while. So I hung my whips up and waited to see what would happen. Sure enough, the nurse asked me about them. I explained that they were Halloween decorations, but of all my decorations I found those the most interesting and appealing. This didn't seem to phase her or disturb her in any way. I took that as a good sign. I don't remember all the details but I do remember that over the next couple of dates she would turn the conversation to those whips and what they could be used for. I explained that if she was difficult I could use them on her but that she probably couldn't take it. She quickly rose to the challenge and insisted that she could, and that in fact she could handle anything that I could dish out. We had that particular discussion on the train ride back to Brooklyn. Within a couple of hours she was tied face down and spread eagle to my bed and was being whipped across her butt for the very first time. As we laid together hours later, wrapped in each others arms, the scent of passion still lingering in the air without a hint of regret or remorse, I knew she and I were right for each other on so many levels. I broke it off with the administrative assistant. And though I had little experience beyond hers, so began the chapter in my life: The Training of Nurse M.

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  1. Just to be clear, none of the pictures are of me. I don;t know how I feel a bout this since we have been out of touch so long, but I left you a message on your other blog so please respond to that.